Moderator defined!

"Strong" views? :confused:

His views are about as potent as a stick insect.
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He's been a member for 6 weeks and already attacking the mods.

Seems a bit strange to me.

I wonder what his other user name was? :confused:
It's unusual on this site because 'our' moderators are mostly anonymous, and laudibly so (IMHO).

Some other mods on some other sites seem to have an ego problem, in that they crave recognition and try to get it by prononcing their mod-ness to all and sundry. breezer is a good example of one of these.
That is one issue I have always had with mods. It is not a status thing, you should just quietly provide the service. It is best when the mods are hidden. I do prefer it this way.
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Blimey you lot think I wrote that boring old cods wallop :LOL: no chance I just cut and pasted it, only because there was a bit of a heavy handed modding going happening on a few of the threads.

RF Lighting, I have never been on this forum before, in fact I stumbled upon it when searching with a problem of my own.

Potshot, Only been banned from one forum for posting like mad :LOL:

Blimey you lot think I wrote that
You flatter yourself - there's no way that you could have written it.

I have cut and pasted this definition from one of my sites to help them.
boring old cods wallop
You now say that it's boring, but earlier on you said this:
"I have cut and pasted this definition from one of my sites to help them."

I don't know why you would think that something you believe to be "codswallop" could be helpful to anyone, let alone the moderators on this forum.
i have regular experience of one other forum, and they have it spot on... no rudeness, no shouting (capitals), no hijacking other's posts ( a huge problem here).. but.. that said, i have learnt to live with this site... it is after all a reflection of human beings, and therefore a model for behaviour... so learn to live with it... there is soooo much good to be gleaned from a lot of good people on here..... just ignore the dross !

I would however, put about £24 on a bet at evens, that Breezer owns DIYnot !
no... i'm gonna up my stake !!! £25 !!! if not Breezer acts like 'da management' !!!
You call £1 upping the stake! :eek:

Gaa orrn - put a bullseye weer yer maaaf is!
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