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12 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
I sought out this site in order to gain a little advice. I had a problem regarding the interface between roof / ceiling carcassing and supporting masonry walls.

As is to be expected, like many on a DIY site, I'm not a tradesman, so had no clear understanding of the demarkation between trades such as joinery / roofing / building. I was therefore at a loss as to which area of the forum I should post my question.

As a courtesy to existing members, and in accordance with forum rules, I read a variety of posts and noted that the Building sub-forum featured issues closely connected with my own. I therefore posted in that sub-forum.

During the period that elapsed between posting and ~60 views, I bumped by means of simple questions, a couple of other posters' posts that were being ignored, because that's the kind of person I am.

After ~90 views of my own post, w/o any answer from other forum members I decided that the post :


was probably being asked in the wrong area.

Moderators had moved other posts but had ignored the fact that my post had been completely neglected. I took it upon myself to essentially do the moving by posting in the joinery sub-forum. The post was promptly moved by moderators of that sub-forum before anyone had chance to answer, despite the fact that joinery is involved in carcassing.

Now with 96 views on the building sub-forum I note I have a reply: nothing that useful, just a question. Just a question to which I can't respond because moderators there have locked the thread.

Not happy.
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