Toilet flush button loose - advice required to fix

23 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi. I have a Wirquin back-to-the-wall toilet and has only been fitted a few weeks ago. Even at the time the plumber found it weird that the button actually sits above the cistern and not flush inside like they normally are. He tried but it was just too big to fit inside. Anyway, its slowly been coming loose and now you can lift it up a few cm which shows you how loose it is. I've not had anything to do with these flush button toilets so didn't want to damage anything hence asking for advice on how to take lid off the cistern and tighten the button. Many thanks.
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A picture of it will help;
Some differ to others, you could have a external ring nut that needs to be tightened or possibly and internal nut,
It is not unusual for these type of buttons to be able to flick the two buttons away (gently prise) to access the tightening screw.
Did the cistern flush come with the toilet?

You may find once this is done correctly and the shaft to top of flush is threaded in to limit, the button may well sit within it's housing.
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Yes the cistern came with this button but not a toilet seat funnily which I assumed would have been part of a complete toilet unit.

Thank you. I will try and prise the buttons to see if I can get access to the tightening screw underneath but just don't want to crack or break anything. The toilet does flush ok but sometimes it continuously lets water through due to the buttons not sat down and tightened. Cheers
Have got another issue now. Button is now out of the lid. The toilet is now continuously letting water flow into the pan without stopping. If I pull on the plastic in the 3rd image with the cross or X the water stops but let it go and water continues as that slowly drops.

I've taken a few more images. Toilet now out of commission so any advice to resolve quickly much appreciated let me tell you. Cheers.

Level set too high - may have been knocked
dirt on seat in fill valve
valve not together properly - may have been knocked
Before some eagle-eyed member spots it... yes the valve is upside down.

When I took the lid of, the valve was already in that position so as I'd never opened a flush button cistern, assumed it was that way. Having looked at it closer realised the big rubber ring should be at the bottom and managed to fit it back in place and also tighten and fit the button correctly which the plumber had fitted incorrectly. All working now. Hope it carries on working without issues.

Sincerely a BIG thank you to all of you have given help and advice!!

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