Toshiba Laptop SATA HDD password

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Not a great link DIYSpanner. Google Chrome (browser) flags up a warning about this site containing malware. ;) ;)
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I tried the WD's own software and it reported read errors due to locked disk.

Someone has suggested a firmware fault so I believe its time for a new HDD.

Thanks for the posted advice folks.
if you have found a reply helpful, there is a button at the top right of each post. Like a rating system, it helps other users decide whether or not to trust the person posting an answer.
I can see buttons for New Post, Reply, Quote and for stuff like Tweet but there's no Thank button that I can see.
Every post and reply has the thanks button. All buttons are in a line at the top right of each post and say , in order,,, Wiki, Quote, Ignore, Thanks.
Unless you look at your own post/reply then it says, Wiki, Quote, Edit, Ignore.
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