Triton AS2000XT shower problems

20 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a Triton AS2000XT electric shower. It is basically a glorified mixer/pump and does NOT heat the water. Quite often the pump starts but no water comes out. Or the water comes out for a while then dies away. Has anyone had a similar problem? What did you do to fix it? Many thanks!
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Solenoid coils faulty.
do a resistance test on it in it's failed state.
should be 3.4 kohms or above.
Thanks for the reply. I've just measured it at 3.5kohm with the shower switched off. Hard to measure with shower switched on :(
You don't check it with the shower on.
you check it in it's failed condition.
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I've now replaced the solenoid and the valve (in one go). I'm sad to say that the problem is as bad as it was before. Can anything else cause this? When the water stops, the motor spins much faster (higher pitch noise). This is really starting to annoy me now! :mad:
Filters could be blocked and / or hot or cold supply or both may be air locked:

1. Unless you are pretty clued up on plumbing and electrics, get someone in to check and clean the filters. Otherwise, down load the Triton instructions, make absolutely sure you isolate the shower electrically and turn off the hot and cold water supplies, then remove, clean and replace filters per instructions. Its not difficult but you must observe safety precautions, and replace the cover properly afterwards.

2. Unscrew shower head, set to middle heat, turn shower on and suck hard and quickly through the shower hose. Hard and fast is the way to do it, as the shower will be damaged if you run it without water. If you have it, you can reinstall the commissioning link (see instructions) and do it that way.
As said your next option is the filters.
Quite quite poss a restriction or failure on the cold water supply will close the shower flow down.

Check your not running the cws dry.

You didn't need to change the solenoid valve if you was getting a constant 3.5 kohms reading.
Hi there
I read your posts with interest as my xt has stopped working. It seems to wurr as if the motor is going but no water is coming out. I have taken the cover off (after isolating it first of course) and I see there is a lot black powder around he motor. Everything else seems fine such as the filters look clean etc.
I remember fixing a previous shower motor by replacing the motor bushes but I can't seem to find them on this one.
Could it be the motor? Or could it be something else?
Apparently, it was working fine then the water stopped coming out and then started back again. I believe the motor was running all the time.
Look forward to any replies
I see there is a lot black powder around he motor. Everything else seems fine such as the filters look clean etc.
The black powder is just carbon off the brushes as they wear.
Are you getting good flow from hot/cold with filters removed ?

I remember fixing a previous shower motor by replacing the motor bushes but I can't seem to find them on this one.

The brushes are located at the top of the motor one each side of the motor.
You say motor runs ok so i wouldn't be looking at the motor.
Make sure you have good flow if so then check the solenoid coil.
I have tried the flow as I started to unscrew the top valve where the inlet is and it started to burst out everywhere. So water is coming OK. I am not too sure where the solenoid is unless it is on the motor. If so then it is running. It does sound as though there is no water going through it.
When you say check the solenoid, what do you mean exactly? How do I check it and what am I checking it for?
I will also check the hose to make sure it is free from blockage.
The coil is located just above where the hose connects to the outlet, it has 2 wires to it.
Get a multi meter set to ohms and test across the 2 terminals, should be 3.4 kohms or above.
I am afraid I don't have an ohm thingy so I may need to buy one or get a sparky in. However, what does this solenoid do?
It looks like it is some kind of valve, perhaps to stop the water coming out when it is shut off?
Also, is it something that can be replaced and fitted relatively easily?
Thank you once again.
Reading your posts again, I do remember on the odd occasion that when starting the shower the tone of the motor does rise as if it is struggling or something. Maybe not getting enough water. Only thing is it is used 3-4 times a day and even with the odd high pitched sound coming from the motor on start up it does deliver an excellent flow of water - so maybe not the water flow unless it is itself inconsistent of course.
I wi ll test it again and may be get one of those meter things.
Thank you for your replies.

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