Triton enrich problem

1 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom

I've just had a Triton enrich fitted to replace a previous Triton but have a weird problem.

When i turn it on to say 5 temperature setting its freezing and stays that way until I turn it right up to 9 or 10 when the dial makes a clicking sound. Then the temperature is too hot but if I turn it back down to 5 the temperature is fine.

It seems the temperature or heater doesn't kick in until it gets turn up to full.

Any ideas...
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What happens if you set the dial to ,say 7 , and then turn the shower on ?
The dial is basically a tap ,that will reduce the water flow ( turning clockwise )or increase it ( anti clockwise ). The slower the water flows ,the greater the temperature . it takes several seconds to stabilise temperature after making an adjustment.
Check your flow rate and then contact Triton or study the supply requirements in the MI's.

That way you'll know if it is pehaps a faulty unit.
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Check your flow rate and then contact Triton or study the supply requirements in the MI's.

That way you'll know if it is pehaps a faulty unit.

Thanks for everyone's replies. The switch was on correctly and I've calculated water flow to be around 5 litres per minute which is too low for this shower.

So my next question is: is there anything that a new boiler being fitted likely to have reduced the water flow?

The cold and hot water tanks remained but the boiler was changed from a conventional boiler to a Worcester Bosch condensing boiler. It was previously in the kitchen but moved to the garage. I don't think the boiler itself would to blame but maybe some of the other plumbing that was completed? Any ideas? I've attached a picture of the pipework in the loft0in case it's relevant.
You may be, I don't really understand it all but in that picture the shower is fed by the pip running from the top of the water tank down to the silver isolating valve.

The tank has a small cold water section at the top and hot water is stored at the bottom.

What I don't understand is why the flow would be so low now? The previous shower had previously been fine until it broke. Is there anything I can do to increase the flow from the top of that tank to the shower directly below?

Sorry, completely new to this and not sure why the flow could be so low now
An electrician, not a plumber but it was a like for like swap
I have just fitted a triton enrich 8.5 kw ,this morning. When you make an adjustment to temperature ,using the lower large dial ,it takes quite a while before the temperature alters and stabilises. Bear in mind this is a low priced budget shower ( £ 49.99 this morning at screwfix ,landlord job ) !!
Anyway , the top selector dial has 4 positions ,stop ,cold,eco and high. When i took it from the box the top dial was not in the correct orientation it was 180 degrees out of sync. In other words when you think its At STOP , its actually at ECO. Check yours isnt the same.
To establish if yours is mains fed ,turn OFF your mains water stopcock ,set dial on shower to cold ,with electric to shower on, if no water comes out the shower its mains fed. WARNING... Do not switch heating elements on whilst doing this ,i.e dial set to cold NOT ECO or HIGH.
Dont know how or where you established your flow rate ,but i would be surprised of it really is only 5 ltrs/ min if its from the mains.

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