1. B

    Shower Cartridge - Repair/Replace?

    My shower (Triton Combi HP) is about 20 years old. Suddenly it has developed a fault - not enough hot water is coming through (hot water is fine in the rest of my flat). I can get the temp up using the rotary thingy, but if I go beyond the safety stop it gets colder again! Given its age, is it...
  2. D

    My Triton Electric Shower cuts off approx 5 minutes run time COLD or Hot

    Please help me its doing my head in. Everyone just assumes HOT overheat trip out with thermo BUT NOT It trips out when set JUST just running COLD approx 5 minutes every time Tested it all afternoon running JUST COLD trying to flush (hopefully Woefully) and it still stops running approx 5 mins...
  3. J

    Triton Shower dripping when power off

    Hi, I've got a Triton Zante Shower - approx 15 yrs old and still going strong with no problems until recently I noticed that I get drips from the showerhead even when the power is off. The only way to stop the dripping is to isolate the water supply which is pretty inconvenient. Is this...
  4. DrWho

    Triton Shower T75 On/Off Button Issue

    Have a Triton T75 electric shower for just over 2 years and only recently been experiencing issues with the neon lit on off button on the front in that it has begun to require several attempts pressing the button in order to turn the shower off. What could be causing this issue and should it be...
  5. K

    Shower not turning off when switched off

    I have a triton t90sr it's working fine apart from when switched off it continues to run water at a slower speed for about 5 mins . Also I have turned the shower to cold only setting and water runs at a slower speed for even longer after it has been turned will only turn off if it is...
  6. Sonny Ryder

    Triton shower suddenly stopped working

    Hi, I hope someone can help I have a triton enrich shower unit which was working fine then suddenly stopped the next day... I have checked the fuse board which is all okay There is power to the pull cord The light on the shower unit itself is on when the switch is set to off. The light...
  7. J

    New boiler, now shower doesn’t work

    Hi all, My conventional boiler was replaced with an Ideal Logic Combi C30 on Friday. Since the install, my Triton Enrich 8.5kw shower no longer works properly - it turns on but no water comes out. I informed the plumbers who installed the boiler and they checked that water is going to the...
  8. B

    Triton enrich problem

    Hi, I've just had a Triton enrich fitted to replace a previous Triton but have a weird problem. When i turn it on to say 5 temperature setting its freezing and stays that way until I turn it right up to 9 or 10 when the dial makes a clicking sound. Then the temperature is too hot but if I...
  9. E

    Triton Mixer Shower - No water flow

    Morning all, I've tried to find a similar post but couldn't find an answer anywhere so apologies if this is a repeated/common post but I do need some help. I have a Triton Mixer Shower upstairs (not 100% sure on model but looks similar diagram to Triton Antares) that I cannot get to work. It...
  10. M

    Triton madrid 2 shower hot and cold problems

    Hello i have had a triton madrid 2 shower installed last week, it has suddenly started to run hot and cold really inconsistent any ideas?
  11. L

    Triton shower issue

    Hi there, Before I look for someone to come out and see what the issue may be, I thought I'd look to here in case anyone is aware of how to resolve this issue or had come across it? I moved into my current property in decelmber last year. The property is electric only and has an immersion...
  12. M

    Triton Opal 3 Electric shower fault

    Hi, Ive had the Triton Opal 3 Electric shower for about 4 years now. All been fine, but we have noticed that when the weather is warm and presumably the incoming water temperature is a bit warmer, the shower is too hot even with the control on minimum. By pressing the top button (2 red symbols...
  13. Lala83

    Triton Enchant shower leaking

    The shower hasn't been used in 6 months and now we've started using it, it's leaking quite a lot of water from the bottom of the unit. I think there's two problems, first with the shower head on its leaking from where the hose goes into the shower, but is fine with shower head off. Assume...
  14. andyr123

    Can I run a tank fed T90i Pumped Shower on mains water?

    Our (old I know) Triton T90i Pumped Electric Shower which is Tank fed is very low pressure out of the shower head (have descaled head and tried another shower head so its not limescale)- The tank is up in the loft but its a Bungalow we live in , so Im thinking maybe not enough head height from...
  15. M

    Triton Topaz T100si problems

    Hello I got Triton Topaz T100si Few month ago replaced coil when outed all parts together and started teperature control didn't work max you could set is 38c' after switching off/on everything got back as it was and worked superb few days ago pressure controller started leaking i replaced and...
  16. H

    Triton shower temperature knob won't turn

    I've just recently moved into a new house with a triton shower fitted. The knob to control the temperature of the water will not turn beyond a certain point to make the water hot, there is a red button which I have tried to press while turning but it won't budge. The water is flat cold. Any help...