Trying to understand DIY bar clamp video.

9 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom
I would like to make the clamp in this YouTube video.. My problem is that I can't understand how the spindle works at all. It's a pretty bad video which spends way too long on unnecessary parts and none whatsoever on critical areas. I don't understand how spindle is attached to the washer and I don't understand what those two nuts are doing next to the washer. Is it important that there are two?
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Not sure what you are questioning, seem simple rod with a nut one end and wingnut the other with timber dowel and washers to protect timber.Could only see one nut but two would be used to lock together to avoid them traveling off the end when in use.
What so you mean by spindle? timber dowel? not attached, just drilled thru.
The spindle is just a piece of all thread (threaded bar) whatever length and size you like. You put two nuts on one end, and lock them on each other by turning them in opposite directions when they are together. Effectively turning the bar into a long bolt.
Then you assemble - big steel washer, wooden dowel with hole, wooden dowel with hole, big steel washer, wing nut.
To use it you put the work between the dowels, and tighten the wingnut.
Which is what foxhole said. :)
It really is dead simple.
ETA If I remember right, these are called violin clamps. Several are used when putting the front and back on instruments.
Hi. Thanks but I'm still not sure I get it
Is the threaded bar attached to the square washer in any way or are those two nuts grinding against the the square washer during tightening? What about when the clamp is undone; does the threaded bar spindle then pull away from, he washer? That's probably not the case. How is the threaded rod attached to the square washer?
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I reckon you're over thinking it mate. All it really is, is a big bolt with a wing nut to clamp stuff between two washers. The wooden dowels just act as softeners and add some stiffness to the washers. As foxhole says the one I saw was round not square.
The square washer is free to rotate between the bolt head on one side, and the two locknuts on the other. Just leave enough slack so that it rotates easily.
I'd just drill the hole for the nut a bit bigger, rather than grinding the flats off, unless it was going to interfere with the fixing holes in the corners of the washer.
I wouldn't be drilling holes that size in a block of wood like that without clamping it in some way. If the drill jams and the wood goes round it's unpleasant.

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