Old paint - how to revive? Should I add water?


18 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I need to touch up a few areas around the house with paint we had that is 5 years old.

I haven't opened the paint tins yet...

I've done some searching on youtube.
I understand I'll need to stir the paint.
I'm buying a paint stirrer from screwfix.
But... it's got a nut at the top - on youtube videos you use to attach to a professional stirrer machine.
I only want to use with my drill!
See pic below:

Will I be able to take the bolt off and use in my drill?
The picture above doesn't get bigger, so hard to see.

ALSO... should I add water to the paint? I'm guessing it's dried up over the years.
In all the youtube videos I've seen, absolutely no one has done this!
So I guess this is a bad idea?

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What's wrong with a stick? Best get the lid's off and have a look, see if the skin is soft or not, I'd be a bit hesitant, if the lids are sealed you shouldn't need to add water.
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Oh... so definitely don't need a stirrer?
Dunno, depends on the paint and how much effort you want to put into stirring it manually doesn't it.
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Not all water paint can survive long term storage. Should check the paint first. If a stick works, so would a stirrer.

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