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14 May 2012
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United Kingdom
we have an irregular loss of tv which rightly or wrongly we think a local guy has an ariel for a cab firm which interfears with our reception
q1 is this likely there is an ariel approx. 50ft high at a house about 75ft away
q2 can I buy a suppressor to stop this problem (I think I have a high gain ariel and a booster)
q3 should he have equipment to prevent this problem
do you need planning permission for an ariel like this
a simple solution is the easy way to go so if I can buy a simple fix I would go for that
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His equipment shouldn't be causing interference. If it is then there is something wrong with his equipment or his setup. I would think he would have to have planning permission for an antenna that high. The home Office, whom I worked for for 20 odd years, used to have an interference investigation branch. Unfortunately mag the bag shut it all down. You could try BT or Openreach but don't hold your breath you may have to suck it up. There is equipment to prevent interference but its usually to put on the offender's equipment.
Your Ham Radio guys and Ofcom are probably the best sources of advice on interference.

For my point of view as an aerial installer, a lot of interference is generated in the owners own home. Poorly designed- and failing switch mode power supplies are a common culprit. Nearly every bit of consumer electronic gear needs a power supply to convert 220~240V AC to lower voltage DC. These power supplies could be the wall wart type or built in to electronics. PC power supplies seem to be particularly dirty for some reason. Maybe it's just the price? Whatever it is, those of us in the specialist AV trade trade noticed an increase in TV reception issues when there was a bit of a trend in putting media centre PCs under the telly. It's also been said that there was an increase in issues with HDMI cables causing interference.

The Achilles Heel though - the thing that let's this interference in - is poorly shielded TV coax cables and and inadequately shielded wall sockets.

Those fly leads with the moulded aerial connectors are generally quite poor quality. The amount of metal shield braiding inside makes Bobby Charlton's come-over look like a luxuriant weave, and I suspect many now use aluminium rather than copper which makes the conductivity even worse. As far as interference signals are concerned the braid shield is there to trap the induced energy and transport it away to ground.

Better quality fly leads are never a bad move. If you're capable of wiring up a mains plug then there's a good chance you'll do okay making a TV coax fly lead from some decent cable (WF100/TX100/PF100) and a couple of aerial plugs. It's not expensive and there's plenty of videos on Youtube about fitting plugs.
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1. Your neighbour does not have an ariel (which is washing powder), he has an aerial.
2. Most likely your booster is overloading in the presence of a strong signal (basically badly designed). A high pass filter (above 470MHz) between your aerial and booster will probably fix the problem.
3. Most likely his equipment is "clean". Yours is the problem, see 2 above.
4. Planning permission is required for anything above the roof line (including domestic aerials which is mostly ignored). However in his case he almost certainly has planning permission.
I am going to spend some time tomorrow checking weather or not he has planning permission however winston1 you state he almost certainly has planning permission how do you know that ?
I am going to spend some time tomorrow checking weather or not he has planning permission however winston1 you state he almost certainly has planning permission how do you know that ?

Simply a business will want to stay on the correct side of the law if he wants to remain in business.

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