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11 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
i am currently re=routing the sky cabling using shotgun cable for sky+ to conceal the cabling in the walls straight to the sky+box via a 25mm flush metal backbox/wallplate etc..from there i intend to take a co-ax pf 100 from the sky box rf2 terminal to my distribution amp..and then 1 co-ax each to the kitchen 3 bedrooms and to a wall mounted 46inch lcd tv in the dining room of which i plan to use magic eyes on each tv..but if i get sky hd or even 3d to my main living room sky+ box in the near future i would like for the dining rm 46inch lcd tv to be able to riceive this as well if possible ? if so while i am in the early stages of wiring 1st fixing etc what extra/type cabling what i need to do..and from which points cheers again
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You'll need an extra HDMI cable going from the SkyHD box to the dining room TV.

3D places a large demand on the HDMI cable because it has to carry twice the data rate. Luckily with Sky 3D this still falls within the capabilities of a good hi-speed HDMI cable, but the length is going to be important. If you are planning to bury the cable in the walls then test it first with a 1080p/60Hz signal from a Blu-Rat player if possible, or 1080p/50Hz as the second choice. Don't use 1080p/24; this is lower bandwidth.

If your cable length will be more than 10m have a think about using a CAT5e or CAT6 cable + HDMI baluns. (Google it for more info). The benefit here is that CAT cable is cheap. You can bury that at minimal cost now... Then add the if/baluns when you need.
yeah cheers chris..the length is less than 10 metres+will be buried in the it a problem buried in a wall so to conceal ? + how much would i be looking at for a hdmi cable of this length..also i still run a co-ax to the lcd tv so as to receive freeveiw etc and to incorperate a magic eye fecility etc is that ok cheers again
The issue with burying any cable is the mess and inconvenience of digging it out if it fails. That's why you pay a little extra for something better than the cheapest, and why you test it thoroughly before installing it. An extra £10-£20 spent on a better bit of wire is good value and makes sense compared to buying a replacement plus the cost of replastering and decorating. :)

The internet is awash with cheap Chinese cables. I can't suggest any particular ones because I don't know your budget and there just too many to choose from. All I'll say is look for thicker cables, and those that say they are Category II High Speed. Also try to ensure there's some sort of sales backup; you want to be able to return the cable at minimal cost if it fails the test.
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had a look on amazon,10metre hdmi cables approx £15 but im willing to pay what it costs for very good quality if thats the answer to your question ? + im not sure on the width of the cable ends but what about protecting it in the wall in pvc conduit or piping ? obviously if i can get it through! lol...and finally chris do i still run the pf100 coax from the amp to be able to use magic eye etc cheers again mate :)
I use BetterCables for long HDMI runs. They have an amplifier built in, and they are CL3 rated for preventing the spread of fire and noxious fumes when buried in the wall. Most AV DIY'ers would consider the pricing way OTT (£120 - 10m) but as a professional installer with a reputation and financial & safety liability for the install I won't take the risk.

If you want fire safety then have a look on Ebay and elsewhere for CL3 rated cables.

All I can say on the rest is go for something where you have the thickest cable. 24AWG is thicker than 26AWG. If there's no info on the AWG then assume that the cable is thinner and less well shielded.

Look for info that says the cable is "High Speed" rather than just HDMI 1.3 or 1.4

Gold plating makes no difference. Fancy braiding around the cable makes no difference.
It seems kinda pointless to use special LSF insulation on your AV cables when all your mains cables are PVC anyway.

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