Un vented tank

13 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom
I've had a plumber (so called G3 registered) come to service my invented tank, cost me £80.00
The problem I had was, every time I turn the hot water tap on, I get a noise from the tank area. The guy came and all he did was check the expansion tank to make sure it was 3 bar, which I'd already done. I asked him if the water pressure valve should be checked, he said that it never needed checking.
Well I've still got the noise, and cant contact the plumber.
I'm not a plumber, but after seeing various YouTube videos I'm thinking of opening the valve myself.
Question I need to know, this water pressure valve is sited half way down the height of the tank, if I turn the cold water feed off do I need to drain the tank down to the level of the valve. Then remove the plastic cap and pull out the diaphragm and inspect the mesh filter.
I'm just concerned what happens when I try to pull the diaphragm out will water gush out if I dont drain the tank
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