Unable to watch tv channels through my Sony DVD recorder.

16 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a Sharp 40 inch Aquos TV, model no. LC40 LE 700E and I connected my Sony RDR GX210 DVD player/recorder to it via a scart lead and a tv in and out lead. I can watch DVDs via the tv from the dvd player, but I cannot view any tv channels through the dvd player/recorder. I have tried several times to run the setup and download all the freeview channels but I just get a fuzzy screen whenever I select a tv channel. I have also tried to manually install the tv channels without success. Please help! Thanks.
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More than likely you just have the aerial leads connected incorrectly.
Make sure that the coax leads are:



This might seem obvious but you'd be surprised how many times this happens.
If you are getting TV channels show up fine on your TV but not your player I would guess that the lead coming from the aerial goes straight to the TV and the other lead is just looped from input to output on the DVD player.
Thanks for your reply. I have in fact connected the leads as you have indicated, but I still cannot see a picture on the TV through the DVD player/recorder. I've tried using 'Set up' via the DVD remote and also tried setting the tv channels up manually, but neither method has worked. I can view a pre-recorded DVD but that's all. Would you think connecting my SKY + HD box to DVD to TV and using the HDMI connections make any difference?
As you now mention a sky box, do you have an aerial connection at all?
i.e. On your TV can you watch BBC one with the sky box on standby?
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Sorry for late reply. I probably didn't explain my problem properly. I cancelled Sky, so disconnected the Sky HD+ box and just have my Sharp Aquous TV connected to my Sony DVD player/recorder. I want to be able to record TV onto DVDs but I can't get a TV channel to show through the DVD recorder as I used to be able to do when I had it connected to a Sony TV (old style box type TV). Hope you understand what it is I'm trying to do! I have a scart lead from the DVD to the TV as well as the aerial lead from the roof to the DVD 'IN' and another lead from the DVD 'OUT' socket to the TV. Still not seeing anything on the TV when I select the EXT 1 or 2 on the TV controller.
did you watch it on the old tv via the scart or did you have to use a channel button tuned into the dvd aeriel output??
There are a number of reasons why it may fail.
One is the TV and DVD using the same system? I have found my Blu-ray player when connected to my DVD recorder defaults to US system not UK system in may case TV will work with either.
The is also the problem in using a channel already in use. With old analogue it was easy to see the problem but with mixture of analogue and digital easy for one to interfere with other and not realise.
It could even be the TV needs setting for analogue when watching through DVD box.
Hi. I used to switch the DVD recorder on and it automatically found it via a scart lead. I've decided to disconnect it now anyway, but thanks for trying to sort it out for me!

did you watch it on the old tv via the scart or did you have to use a channel button tuned into the dvd aeriel output??
Sam Gangee was on the right lines. This recorder has only the old style analogue TV tuner (channels 1-4 + 5 if in an areas that receives it). It doesn't have a Freeview tuner.

The West Country TV transmitters have all completed the switchover from analogue to digital. Any reception or recording devices without a digital tuner will just get snow when the tuning process is tried. That's didgeradoo4719's problem

Adding a freeview box and dedicating it to the Sony recorder is one solution. A new recorder with freeview tuner is another. If the Sky dish and Sky box is still available then a one-off payment for a free-to-view satellite card will work also.

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