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30 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
I have an electric shower which keeps breaking down and as of yet have had no success in keeping it going! It broke down before xmas, no water coming out of head, no pump working (this was a newteam1000 integral) though every now and then the pump would run of its own accord for approx 10 seconds. the pipes from the pump were all cold. the shower fittings were an artisan surface mounted thermostatic shower. Before breaking down completely, if it didn't work I had to turn the pump boost to full on, turn on the hot tap in the bathroom then turn on the shower, this would make the shower work after about 30 seconds.
I thought I had finally got my shower back when the pump was changed to a Tivoli pump 15 tivoli variable speed 1.5 bar shower pump. This worked once - then back to no water, this was then supposedly sorted out and the artisan surface mounted thing was changed to something else as it was thought the insides were knackered - but yes you guessed it, here we go again, no water, cold pipes, turn the pump to high boost, hot tap on shower on, approx 30 seconds shower comes on - though this time there is no pressure, may as well have a shower from the taps because it would be faster! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
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Please could you restate your problem? For example:

1. From where are the cold and hot supplies (to the shower) taken?
2. From where are the cold and hot supplies to the bath taken?
3. What are the connections from the pump to the shower valve?
4. What gauge(s) of pipework is used in all relevant runs?
5. If cisterns are involved, what is the head of water (distance between base of cistern and the shower head)?
6. Are there any bleed valves anywhere?
1st where is the pump . If a pump runs on it own some time its because the flowswitch is sticking or more commonly the supply to to pump is not independant & is being triggerd by water being drawn down the pipes feeding it diturbing the flow switch or switch's. Some cheap pumps only have one flow switch and can cause a problem if your mixer valve can draw hot water only. A rare problem but it does exist. do the pipes from the pump go up into the attic before reaching the valve. Have you tried running the shower with the shower head as low as you can put it .(lower the better.)
First of all, thank you to Softus and Babs for looking at my problem.
I had the plumber out yesterday (who happens to be corgi registered family member) trying to get it working - I still think it isnt right somehow but what do I know, being an lady office worker!
Apparently the shower is now working at 71/2 - 8 litres a minute but after just going into a DIY store, even the cheap showers state 6 litres a minute but with a pump 16 litres so on that I think the pump is not doing its job it was said he thought the pump had run dry-cant really believe that though as have had so many problems I am very concious of how long the shower is in use for, try to get the kids to have a shower in 8 minutes max with a minimum of 20 mins apart to let water heat up again!
After looking at plastic pipe connections onto pump said they had a bit of muck on the filter, was not much, in my eyes not enough to stop it working. Pump sounds wrong still, he reconnected the pump backwards to what it was to see if that would make a difference
I will answer questions as best as I can, the pump is positioned in the airing cupboard I believe it is taken from the water tank through 1/2 - 1 inch copper pipes through plastic pipework on pump in airing cupboard back up to the roof then down to the shower on same floor as airing cupboard - I think.. no bleed valves as far as i'm aware Believe the bath is fed seperately from water tank to bath So sorry can't be more acurate, dealing with electric meters is more my thing!
Thanks for your time
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The quote from ya pump saying what it will supply ltrs/per minute is.nt what u gona get out. length of pipe run,bore of pipe,restriction in valve & on the shower head all take its toll on supply. The installation u describe is the worst possible for problems.Where shower pumps or involved u must always try to avoid any trap for air bubbles to cause an air lock.instead of up into the attic the pipes would of been better under the floor to the shower.If u still get times when the shower won't run drop the shower head as low as posible when the valve is on mid settings & it may drag the air out. Good quality automatic air vents in the attic at the highest point on the pipework would help.
Thanks you for the advice, I really appreciate it. When I can afford it to revamp the bathroom I have been advised a mega flow cylinder (hope thats right) is what we should get.
Happy New Year to you all!
Yea. cost but if u have a good supply pressure (at least2.2 bar) & a minimum 25mm blue water main supply it will remove the need 4 a pump,& u dont have the noise . I fit a lot of them & OSO 's as well.

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