Unusual chimney covers

20 Mar 2018
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United Kingdom
My house had lots of weird stuff going on. This is a picture of the secondary chimney stack, what's with this weird triangular chimney cover? I can't find any info or similar designs online, anyone know what this type of arrangement would be called? I'm going to be doing some work on the primary chim soon so will be giving #2 a once over but I just don't know what you call this style of covering.
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Far from being any sort of expert, could this not be an “after market” effort? Maybe just the chimney has been blocked off using ridge tiles to give a little ventilation. Can’t help but think there would have been regular pots on there at some point. But I have been known to be wrong..... on several occasions!
good call, v-shaped ridge tiles.
the top 10 coursesof the stack might need rebuilding and the flaunching and new pots renewed. the flues will need sweeping .
maybe ther was a flue fire at some time or its just long term water penetration
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Yep, "aftermarket" bodge job was my thinking. Sounds expensive :/ If I'm not planning on using the chimney, just want it solid and dry, what's the minimum fix you'd recommend. I've got a main chimney which needs the top rebuilt, recrowned, and potted, so need to cut costs :(
No plans to use it. In really bad weather we do get a bit of the black drip, but only a tiny bit and only in the heaviest of sideways rain.

If it's safe to leave until next summer I might do that and concentrate my budget on the main chimney stack, which is a mess.
If you are doing some work anyway up on the roof, then it may be worth while sorting that chimney out too. The flaunching and the two course of oversail need replacing/rebedding. It looks like the the most wethering is on the face we can't see in the photo, so check whether the main brickwork is OK or not. You may be able to relay the existing bricks on the top two course, if not replace with a solid blue or red engineering brick

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