Unvented cylinder in kitchen cupboard

I agree an accumulator and combi sound like a good idea. However, we find that it is difficult to fit a suitably sized accumulator and combi in a vertical plane - the combi takes up too much room with the min clearances etc to get a decent sized accumulator underneath.

The accumulator is no bigger than the cylinder he was looking at. He has no option, unless he pays around £1K for new water main, to go accumulator/combi. Fate accompli !!! It is also the cheaper option too.

The application of a potable accumulator to augment the flow of water in a hot water system is covered by a patent.

Try and get this patent to stick!!!!! Did they patent the wheel as well? DPS are selling accumulators as well. I'm sure they are paying no royalty to anyone. I'm sure Reliance is paying nothing to anyone when it sells an accumulator.

Potable accumulators are made by Flamco and a number of other manufacturers but they have all so far restricted their sale for this purpose because of the patent. Doctor D is right in saying they are available; however if you fit them for this purpose you may find yourself being the test case in the UK.

Garbage!! People have fitted them way before a patent came along. Restricted sale? In what way?

I wouldn't take that risk if I was fitting 100 a week or 1 a week. I will let Doctor Drivel do it and see what happens.

We obtain all of ours through GAH. Their unit has a diffraction diffuser to help ensure that the water is rotated in the vessel, and we get good support from them. They are WRAS approved. Ordered 12 this week!

Made by RCM (Copperform!!!!) http://www.copperform.co.uk Duh!!!
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DD wrote ;

Made by RCM (Copperform!!!!) http://www.copperform.co.uk Duh!!!

1. RCM are only allowed to supply them for commercial not domestic applications.

2. They sell them under licence from the UK based patent holder.

3. They get them from GAH.

4. They are made in the USA by a firm called Global. Nothing to do with RCM Group.

5. It is often misleading to acquire your info from the internet rather than actual practical experience, as your post (and most of your others) demonstrates.

You speak a load of half researched bullocks, Doctor D.
2. They sell them under licence from the UK based patent holder.

Of which only the stupid take notice of, as accumulators have been around for eons and have been fitted for eons until some shark company obtained a limited patent on it. The industry is waiting for a test case, as the patent office is out of order.
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So they don't make them now. Shissssssh!!!!!!
I don't understand your last post.

If it was an attempt to show you were correct, it failed. Have one more try, on me :evil: .
If DPS are selling them for domestic applications (eg: boosting the water flow through Pandoras, for example) then they could be making a mistake.

Even Grundfos have resisted trying to break the patent, DPS are a minnow. Perhaps they have nothing to lose.

Either way, my company are not going to get dragged through the courts, I only buy GAH. And your company is a fictitous part of your imagination so you aren't in any danger.

It is cavalier of you to encourage other people to take their chances based upon your misplaced confidence and self righteousness.
If DPS are selling them for domestic applications (eg: boosting the water flow through Pandoras, for example) then they could be making a mistake.

They are not. They work!!

You are a fool paying anything to these patent sharks.
I’m not sure if this is the right place to post but I have just joined the forum and there seems to be a similar discussion going on here.
I am researching what would be the best option for my requirements re completely renewing the domestic and heating systems and oil boiler (or rather my plumber will).
I have loads of info from various manufactures of vented and unvented cylinders and also thermoflows.
The House detached has 4 bedrooms – 5 residents
1 bathroom and 2 shower en-suites
No loft for header tanks as its full of bedroom
Water pressure is 3.5 bar but delivery is only about 9 litres pm - no chance of improving according to water company inspection.

I am considering a vented or unvented cylinder with accumulator – possibly a Bosch boiler.

Appreciate any feedback re which and why etc

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