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Evening all, I thought my account had been compromised but it looks like 247 Developers might be a bot?

Thanks for the replies. So I informed the builders that the joists were too low and they reluctantly agreed to raise the height of the newly installed steels and joists to suit the existing.
They've packed underneath the joists with slate to make up the difference, is this ok provided that its mortared into place after or will it cause creaking? The steels have been raised with a Eng brick strip which i'm happy with.

They've also started to install the 22mm cabershield plus flooring but haven't staggered the first four pieces meaning that the floor will have a join line of 4m across the width where they all line up. He's used the caberfix glue to secure them as well as spax floor screws and placed a joist directly below the groove section at 2.4m. Is this going to cause any creaking or will it be ok? I don't want them to remove the initial pieces as they're well stuck down and glued at the perimeter.

The joist pockets into the wall of the house have been made but i've seen him patching them up with bricks laid vertically and bits of mortar, should I be accepting this? I was thinking it would be a snug fitting cut section of 7N block going back in for a tighter fit or am I being fussy?

Also, two of the joists have been notched 50mm deep by 150mm long where the soil pipe runs across them, I've since rerouted the soil pipe to a better position so it doesn't interfere with anything however the notches are still present. Will these be able to be repaired? or shall I ask them to replace?

Joist is shown below.




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Not a builder but the vertical bricks should be fine as long as they don't fall out,
The joist notches might be outside the prescribed limit, were they approved by an SE or just put in and hoped? It's hard to repair but i did have some success with ancient over-notched joists by adding strutting and plywood sisters, the bouncing and vibration is a lot better now.
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As always, thanks for the reply woody. I'll get the ply in tonight.

Are the joists ok to be packed with slate and then mortared into place, the ones they've done previously seem loose in the pockets but admitted the noggins aren't all in yet.

Plan is to use Fibolites for the inner leaf of the first floor. Should these be the 3.6N or the 7N versions? There will be two steels at first floor ceiling height supporting the roof purlins so I'll get the brickwork beneath these done in eng bricks.
But which strength for the main wall area?

Yes slate and mortar are fine. If an external wall, you need to run around the wall/joist joint with some flexible mastic to prevent air gaps once the mortar dries and shrinks a little. Give it a week or two before doing this.

3.5N are fine for inner walls up to three storeys. Even 2.7N thermalites
I think I am! LOL :rolleyes:

You might aswell be Woody, I'm losing faith in these guys by the day. Just noticed that some of the joists literally have small bits of brick underneath them, which seeing as they're walking on the first floor now doesn't seem like it's doing much as the bits are falling out leaving a gap beneath and springy joists.

I've ordered the Fibolites and they've started brick laying today, let's hope this goes better.

Morning all,

Brick laying has started (between the rain),
We're upto about 9 courses but we have noticed a difference between the two builders laying methods.
The first one is laying full beds of mortar front and back and doing a tidier job whilst the second builder isn't and the brickwork looks patchy at the back.
I've included a photo to try and show it but surely full beds are required for strength?

The rain is slowing progress and is currently coming into the downstairs toilet despite covering with tarps.


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is the cost of cement coming out of their own pockets?
Doubt it’s an issue, cavity work you’re angling the bed for squeeze out at the face and away from the back to avoid it going into the cavity. Not saying it couldn’t be done better tho
Thanks for the replies.

Have spoken to them today regarding our thoughts on the brickwork and the better one of the pair of builders has agreed to take over the brick laying from now on.

The side of the house pointing looks appalling and although it will only be the neighbours that look at it I can't say that I would wish that on them. We are paying good money for the extension and that sort of standard we can't accept. We can appreciate that some of the brickwork is being done overhand but it's just shoddy.

I've included some photos to show how bad the pointing looks, which he's hopefully rectifying tomorrow.


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