UPVC Sashs - Is this A Decent Price?

30 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
Could anybody out there give me their expert advice on a window quote I have received for some UPVC sash windows? The are VEKA windows, which means nothing to me and they tilt and turn so I can clean them easily.

I have a bay windows sized 7ft 4in x 3ft 10in and 2 side windows that are 7ft 4in x 2ft 3in. This window was priced at £2535 I also have 2 bedroom windows sized 5ft 9in x 3ft 6in and these were priced at £875. The price includes full internal replacement of the reveal liners, moulded architraves and incills along with removed of old frames and glass.

Does this sound like a reasonable quote or not? The man said they had argon in them but I haven’t been able to find anything about this online. Would this make a difference to the price?

I live in a Victorian terrace that has a lot of the original features and I really wanted to keep the original architrave but the salesman said that this wasn’t possible – it had to be removed for the window to be put in place. Would it be possible for me to have the old architrave removed while the windows are installed and then re-attached?

I am sorry to sound thick but I am having to borrow money to get my windows done so don’t really want to be paying over the odds. Unfortunately, I know nothing about UPVC sash window prices and there seems to be such a huge variation in price and each person tells me that their windows are brilliant and everybody elses are rubbish!!

Thanks for your help!
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Get some more quotes from local company's.
They can be done cheaper it depends who their supplier is really.
The most important thing is that they do a good job. Ask to see some photos of other jobs they have done or even better if you could see them in person.

Personally I supply and fit white vertical sliders for £500 each but I am a one man band so my overheads are very low.
Thanks Gazman16. I have had 2 more quotes. One was about £5000 and the other was £2000 but only if I signed up immediately or rang him on his mobile before 10pm that night!! The prices seem very varied and I have asked another firm for a quote but haven't received a reply yet.

I will have to bite the bullet soon and have them done before the old ones fall out!! It's just very difficult to find out how much I should be paying when everybody charges differently. I found a site online where I could put in the measurements and they gave me a price for supply only. The windows themselves seemed fairly cheap at around £400-£500 each but if that price was correct, it would mean that the company were charging me over £1000 to fit the windows. I'm not sure about what is a reasonable rate for fitting a double glazed windows but I will persevere and try and get a couple more quotes!

Thanks for your help!
dont fall for the pressure sales tactics, why would they be cheaper today than tommorow, im sure you have 14 days to cancel from signing too, unless you sign on their premises (dont hold me to that)
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If they come to you i believe you have a cooling off period, if you approach their premises, sit down and sign then i believe you do not
Great! Thanks for your help everyone! I haven't signed anything yet thank God. Luckily I had a bad feeling about the bloke who wanted me to sign straight away so I said I would have to discuss it with my other half first!

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