4 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
Somewhat of a base subject :oops:

but other than replacing a light coloured plastic toilet seat does anyone know how can I remove urine stain that has built up beneath the toilet seat :?:

thanks in advance........ :rolleyes:
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haven't exprienced that problem. Presumably you have tried a Bathrooom Cleaning Spray like Flash?i

there is a cleaning powder called "Bar-Keeper's Friend" that is good for stains on plastics, ceramics and metals. I get it from Robert Dyas.
another vote for barkeepers friend - bleach will not remove the 'deposit' just make it less yellow...you could also try Cillit bang lime and grime...
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Thanks everyone for the tips - will try the Barkeepers stuff as everything else has failed so far.
Have you tried bicarbonate of soda on a damp cloth? I know it works on ciggy burns on acrylic baths :oops:
did you use Bar keepers Friend?

What results?
Nowadays, they advertise Mr Muscle, but when I was a kid, it was "Mr Clean" on the TV:
Anyone remember it too?

McClean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute,
Mr Clean will clean your whole house, and everything that's in it.
"Can he clean a dirty mirror?" "He'll make it bright and clearer",
"Can he clean a diamond ring?" Mr clean cleans anything.

I can still remember the way the song went, and if I only had a web cam and could play the guitar or a piano,,,, then..................

nec - if juice & elbow grease don't work & you need to replace but can't get one 'cos it isn't made anymore, try:


for all things/spares/replacements for obsolete (& current) bathroom suites; replacement ceramics, seats, bath panels, etc. in loads of colours.
I found that this worked to remove most, not all, yellow urine staining on the underside of a white plastic loo seat.
1. Lakeland's OvenMate, which is a potassium bicarbonate gel. Paint on with brush provided, leave for 30 mins or more. Wipe and wash off. Obviously take care - don't get it on your skin etc.
2. Finish with T-Cut (a mild abrasive for paintwork) to polish.

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