using masking tape to create a border

13 Feb 2005
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United Kingdom

I've just decorated the spare bedroom and have added a border around the room with masking tape which I then painted. The problem is that when I removed the masking tape the paint had bled through and instead of a crisp staight line I have rougth edges where the paint has seeped through.

Has anyone any suggestiosn of a way to obtain a crisp edge. I used a roller originally and let the paint dry before removing the tape. Would it be better to use a paint brush and then remove the tape immediately, or is it that the quality of masking tape used isn't that good and if I purchased a named brand I may get better results.

Thanks for any advice.
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Dont use any masking can buy speical tape to paint to..or try electrical PVC tape.

Stick it on..paint, take it off...the tape has an habit of shrinking and will fall off otherwise
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I have tried using masking tape and got the same bleed through discussed.

I tried removing it shortly after painting......and found this to be easy to mess up as the masking tape with wet paint...the paint can end up on the other coloured section very easily.

I tried letting it near bleed through.

I tried letting it dry and removed the paint with the masking tape.

I tried using electrical insulating tape.....but it doesn't always stick well to other surfaces, other than to itself.

Within the previous posting...there a mention of.....a special type of tape.....where would you get this...what do you ask for...and what does the packaging have on it to identify that it is the correct tape type discussed.

It's all been a bad experience for me...but I would like to know how the professionals do it?
Apart from telling me to get a professional!!!! can I learn to hone this painted straight line between two separte colours technique?

Thanks in advance.
You can tidy the edge up with a "pencil" brush - an artist's type stiff-bristled brush will do - paint a thin line (using quite a thick paint) where you want the sharp edge to be, and over any scuffed or bled edge.

Steady your hand using a padded stick held against the wall.

Take it in short steps as your hand will get tired.

Apart from people on step-ladders with working lights, no-one will be able to see how you've done it.

You can paint the line with border-coloured paint or with wall-coloured paint. Doesn't matter.
Hi John D
So I assume if it's a large room, it's patients, and practice.

Could it be possible to draw the line first with a long spirt level or piece of wood...and the paint between the lines...just a thought?

Thanks Again John D
You can draw or snap a chalk-line... and wipe any remaining chalk off with a damp sponge after the paint has had a couple of days to harden.

No-one will see slight wavers, and you can cover any errors with the other colour paint in the same way afterwards.

You don't need to draw two lines, only one. The only edge that will show is where the two colours meet.

You can tidy the edges between white ceilings and painted walls in the same way, but you can afford to use a bigger brush and don't need a guide mark as the angle will show you where to paint.
Nice tip the chalk line..I overlooked that idea.
Thanks John D

PS...oh and I take the point about a single line!
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