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Using resin for cracked concrete courtyard

Discussion in 'Building' started by MisterBoy, 20 Sep 2021.

  1. MisterBoy


    9 Jan 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Our courtyard (approx 12x10m) is a proper hodge podge of different pours and fixes over the years. We've got cracks on each section and the joints between sections are in some places uneven or opened up... Photos below.

    I've been looking into using a resin based product but I've seen differing advice online for prep:
    1. Cut every crack out to 1" plus channel with a kango
    2. Widen just a bit and sweep out loose stuff
    3. Basically just clean the cracks out
    And then some people recommend using a sealer before filing too.

    It's foot traffic only - a walled yard - so my aim is a) to make it look better b) to prevent further damage from frost, etc. What process would you guys recommend?

    16321407949193920488411680796090.jpg 16321408988635327801581918500139.jpg 16321409359313017905276003098898.jpg
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