Vaillant Ambisense Configuration

22 May 2014
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United Kingdom
Following some great advice on here I was able to get my Vaillant VRC 700f configured correctly to control the heating.

I've now added the Ambisense starter kit (VR920 gateway + 3 VR50 rad thermostats) and additional VR50's for other rads, except for the bathroom rad with no TRV. I've set everything up in the Vaillant VRC700 app and the VR50's are showing the desired temperatures at the expected times and are correctly controlling the radiators.

Unfortunately it seems as though there should be some associated change made in the VRC 700f control as the previous programmes and temperature settings in that controller are turning the heating on and off when I expected it to be entirely driven by the radiator thermostats calling for heat based on the settings in the app.

As an example, at this moment all the room temperatures are above the temps set in the app for each room but the heating is on because the temp in the room where the VRC 700f is located is below the temperature that was set previously before I installed the Ambisense kit. This just results in the bathroom rad with no TRV heating up. I would've expected that rad to heat up only when one of the other rads called for heat.

Is anyone familiar with how the VRC 700f should be configured such that the heating just fires up when one or more of the VR50's calls for heat?

EDIT: I've removed all the previous heating programmes in the VRC 700f and what seems to happen is that it shows the lounge temperature (where it's located) and it shows the demanded heating temperature as the highest temperature demanded by a VR50. If the temp demanded by a VR50 is lower that the lounge temperature it doesn't fire up the boiler. At present the kitchen is calling for 20C (room is only 18C) but the boiler is off because the lounge is 21C.
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I just noticed this is one of the Vaillant documents:

Install the ambiSENSE components in the control room that has the highest desired temperatures.​

If I understand that correctly then that what I'm seeing is a system limitation and that once the desired temperature is reached in the room with the controller it won't fire up the boiler unless someone demands a higher temperature.
did you ever get everything working as it should?
I have just installed Ambisense VR50 TRV's with the VR920 gateway. I have also installed the VRC 700 into the boiler facia however I cant get the TRV's to fire up the boiler. (I believe the thermostat function is disabled when fitted in the boiler?) I sometimes get the boiler running during the night when it should be off.
What settings do you have in the VRC700 to get it work with the TRV's?
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Hello, another follow up message. I have the same issue. I thought the VR50s should now be controlling the boiler, but they are not. The boiler is still running on it's AUTO time settings. The VR50s are controlling the temp in the room ok, but not commanding the boiler. My VRC700 is located in the boiler, which is in the basement.

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