Vaillant Ambisense

Great, I think I understand now. The desired temp on the VRC700 is set at 16 deg. The VRC's are at either 18 or 20 deg. I'll lower the desired temp on the VRC 700 and see what happens?
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As things seem to working as they should and it was me who didn't quite understand things!! All the VR50's are set at different temps at different times of the day in each room however all the actual room temps are always way higher than they should be.
Should I just lower the heating curve value (currently 1.8) or have I got this wrong as well?
Hello, did you ever get Ambisense working properly, or as advertised? I have a VRC700 controller, VR70+VR920. All professionally fitted. The VRC700 is in the boiler, no other thermostat. I added VR50s to the rads. My understanding is that the times on the VRC700 get overwritten, and when a VR50 calls for heat, the boiler should come on. When all the VR50s are satisfied, the boiler goes off.

This is not happening. The VR50s have no control over the boiler. They are just acting like automatic valves, ie, the open when cold and close when satisfied, according to the times and temperatures set by the app. There is no control over the boiler.

The boiler is on auto, and when it is its DAY mode, the heating comes on, irrespective of what the VR50s are doing, even if they are all satisfied. The boiler is pumping hot water around the pipes for no reason.

The VRC700 is cofigured with system diagram 1, and VR70 configured with option 1. The boiler is an EcoVit Exclusive 266/4 ( big floor standing unit, they like them like that here in Switzerland). The heating is running as ZONE2, through a Vaillant mixing unit. ZONE2 assignment has been set to VRC700 and Without, no change in operation.
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Hi SwissKev,

sorry about the delay in replying I haven't been on the site for a while. I don't really think it's working as it should? It's 6 deg C outside just now and if I turn up one of the VR50's to 30 deg C from it's current temp of 18 deg C the boiler doesn't do anything.
I have actually started to give up on this, just today one TRV required new batteries and now it refuses to work, It requested "install adapt" but then I get the error message "Err" but no idea what that means as there is nothing in the manual about it! I tried a factory reset and still get the same message.
Hi, hoping someone can help (Vaillant certainly don't seem able to). I have a Vaillant boiler, with VRC700, and used to have normal TRVs, and everything worked OK. I added the ambisense pack -Internet gateway and 3 ambisense valves- but it clearly isn't working. The simpler issues, with fewer variables; Often, the radiator is hot, even when the room temp displayed in the app is higher than the demand temperature as displayed both in the app and on the valve. In this case, even if the hot water is circulating (there may be demand from another valve) surely the valve in this room, where the room temperature is shown as higher than the required temperature, should be off? The next simplest issue, when the TRV700 controller is warmer than the demand (20c) for the room (it's in another warmer room - 22c), even though the displayed temperature on the valve and in the app is even lower (18c), the boiler doesn't come on; so in this case, it behaves as if the VRC is preventing the boiler turning on.
In case it helps, yesterday when the first situation occurred, I turned that room to "off", and the boiler turned off (the other rooms had no demand -> warmer than required), then I set the room to auto, and the boiler stayed off. (which it should since all rooms where above demand.) The controller was in the warmest room. However today, in the same situation (apart from the controller being in an unheated room), when I turned back to auto, the boiler came back on. Which it shouldn't since all rooms where above demand.
So currently, if I don't keep an eye on it, the boiler is running pretty much full on, flow of 72c, heating rooms that are already too warm, or I wake up to a cold house... and moving the controller just changes the problem.

Help please!

nb app shows no problems, in general I can hear the valves moving, they reflect the temperatures set in the app. (but rooms tend to show about 3c higher than reality in the app)
Has anyone here solved their Ambisense problems? I have managed to install VRC700 on the front of the boiler, install the gateway and starter pack, and also added VR50s to all other rads in the house. I fitted the outdoor temp sensor too. All okay except for one major issue; most of the VR50s (I have 17 total) read about 5 degrees higher than the actual room temp. Surely this means they are faulty? I have tried resetting but it makes no difference. Anyone got any ideas on this as I’ve notice a few others have rogue VR50 readings but nobody has mentioned a fix for it…

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