vaillant boiler, how to tell the age

5 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Can anyone tell the age of my vaillant boiler from the internal label which ive been trying to paste, without success, anyway here's model n s/n
turbomax vuw gb 242/2.5
Turbomax plus824e
Serial no 01003063040010287953
I hope this helps, took pic of label but unable to paste, thanks

heres service num if this helps at all
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Might help if you were to share what vaillant boiler you have.

And also much more so if you can find the serial number (normaly underneath)
Serial number vaillant will only tell what year, week, where it was made, own serial number of boiler and counter (number of boiler made so far ). Current one is 28 digits. Your is only 20 digits, so I maya be wrong.

Your is year 2000, week 30. So nearly 14 years.

Hope I'm right, lol!

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Thanks guys, that's what I thought, went to my local dealer yesterday armed with picture of label with everything on, he said its a 2006, well I argued that's not correct as I moved into house in 2007 and previous owner said it was about 7 years old then, so how could a big dealership get it so wrong, I've sent vaillent pic but they've not responded, the reason is that I'm trying for one of these boiler grants and get a like for like ie another vaillent if poss, but local dealer said I would only have an ideal fitted, which I'm not to pleased about,
If you're fishing for a few boiler get what you're given and be grateful ffs.

Oh yer, and if they offer me a ferrolli, then I'm still supposed to be gratefull, (I don't think so) I'm not fishing at all, just need something which is more efficient and just as reliable, I don't want to be wrapped in blankets next winter waiting for repairman to come round to fix brand new boiler,

No a vaillant is what I've got and a vaillant is what I would like only a more fuel efficient one, I am prepared to pay the extra if need be, I've heard about this ( hive) thing which BG fit, and would be interested buying something similar to that which controls your heating via your smartphone, as I'm disabled and in n out of hospital this would be ideal as It would allow me to come home to a warm house as programming dials when you don't know when you don't know when your coming home would be impossible, then again you don't need a smartphone with a ferroli just a hammer
A ferroli is not going to be offered for one of these schemes. What is being offered seem to be perfectly adequate for the task of giving people heat and hot water.

If it if free, be grateful for whatever is offered.

The reason for you needing one might be more justified than most, but the fact remains for those of us that are actually funding these industry killing free boiler scams it is flicking annoying at the best of times. Even more so when the recipients start bleating on about not being happy about which model they're getting.

That being said the scheme operator in your area might well be doing vaillant. Most seem to be Ideal or Wooooooster Botch. Both of which have perfectly respectable response times.

Of course assuming that the box slinger that will have installed your freebie had done so according to the instructions and the warranty is valid.

Now where do I sign up for free stuff? I fancy something to replace my perfectly perfectly operational car. Perhaps a nice Audi?
You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about these boiler grants, yet probably be first in the cue if you could have one, granted there are people out there who will take, take, take, for the sake of it, these spoil it for the genuine ones, but as this is a gov scheme and i am being bombarded by companies who are contacting me telling me to apply, and they will sort it out, these must be under some sort of commission, and why I've gone direct to my local dealer who will arrange it, although even as I meet all the criteria the boiler must still have an inspection so even though it is oldish if it is still efficient then I will be more than happy to carry on with it, I have it serviced regular but as technology moves on they have become even more efficient and with the price of energy rising every hour it would be daft not to upgrade and save money, and not feel stupid if mine broke down next winter and having everyone saying how stupid I was in not accepting the grant, and as for being gratefull for a free boiler, no, I won't be palmed off with a cheap model with a pat on the head and told there aren't you lucky, I am willing to pay for a reliable unit such as a valiant which I trust in, as far as I'm aware the large energy companies have to contribute towards these grants anyway
Thing is, as far as i know all the boilers you are likely to get offered all have perfectly acceptable reliability figures as well as comparable after sales support by the manufacturer.

What do you ACTUALLY know about these figures other than the sales bumph you might have read or the general perception garnered from forums?

Do you know the difference between a Vaillant/Ideal/Vokera?

Or do you think you know?

Yes I do have a problem with many of these grant schemes. Largely because I know how they are run and funded. It is a blo0dy liberty if you ask me. If 20 people jumped off a cliff it still wouldn't make the act a good idea. So the fact that loads of companies are offering free boilers doesn't make it a good idea.

That's not to say that I don't think there are cases where a free boiler might be a fair entitlement. As I said though get what is offered. You wouldn't go to a food bank and moan that they weren't offering sirloin steaks.?

*edit* I was driving when I posted that so there were a few "swypo's" :D
For the sake of a simple question this discussion is going on and on and apart from a few hilarious and ridiculous comments is dying a death,
The point im trying to make is that if and when they examine my boiler and agree its inefficient and can have a new boiler and offer me an ideal, Worcester, baxi or whatever I will if possible and have been told that it is, pay the extra for a vaillant as I am more confident in that brand, some people may prefere baxi or others but vaillant is what ive always had and what I will stick to, you seem to have the impression that everyone is on the take for some reason, but even though this is a government grant the stipulations are quite tight hence you only get one if your entitled to one,
And how the hell food banks n steaks came into this I havent a clue,
( by the way do you have a choice of rump or rib eye)[/code]

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