Vaillant vSmart - Any experts out there?


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Hi Teknoline. Your screenshot shows exactly what the vSmart is advertised by Vaillant as being capable of doing. Having spent more than £200 on the vSmart, I'm really not prepared just to throw it away and buy something else. I've been in contact with people who have the vSmart and it does what your VRT 50 does, so I'm sure there must be a way of sorting ours out. One of them has even sent me a screenshot almost identical to yours.
Surely the whole point of the outdoor temperature is that it governs the flow temperatures being requested, so that the boiler runs hotter on cold days to heat the house?

Vsmart = erelax = migo

Demirdöküm, migo ürününü doğrudan dışarıdan satın aldı. Üzerinde demirdöküm yazsa da değil kalkınmayı destekleyemiyor bile. migo zaten küresel pazarda farklı isimler altında satılıyor. demirdöküm 2007'de satın alındı (bkz. vaillant grubu). Vaillant marka kombiler için (bakınız: e-relax), (bakınız: glow-worm) marka kombiler, yine migo vb. Ana üretici zaten (netatmo'ya bakınız). netatmo termostat piyasada mevcuttur ancak bir on off termostattır. Termostat üzerinden, kazanın kazan sıcaklığını (örneğin 50 derece) belirlersiniz ve termostat, ayarladığınız sıcaklığa ulaştığında (ör. 23) kazanı kapatır. Netatmo'daki tahmin ile evinizin ısıtma ve soğutma sürelerini öğrenip belirlediğiniz değerlere ulaşmadan önce açıp kapatabilirsiniz. Böylece,

The biggest difference of migon from other on off thermostats is that it interferes with the boiler temperature of the boiler as it is connected to the boiler with its e-bus connection point. migo and netatmo on off thermostats also receive and process outdoor temperature data from the internet according to your location. migo has to perform uniquely excellent at this point.
theoretically everything is perfect, but let's see that in practice, unfortunately, migo is immersed. The netatmo thermostat is an apple homekit support.
The way the migo works is as follows;
external temperature data, internal temperature data and desired internal temperature, return water temperature from cores, heating and cooling time of the house. All these are processed with an advanced algorithm, calculating the ideal boiler temperature and burning time and keeping the house at the desired temperature. Available in some settings in the application of the migon. prediction mode can be turned off if desired. For example, the house is empty and low temperature until 17, the prediction mode allows the house to heat the boiler 1-2 hours early after learning the heating time of the house and bring the house to the desired temperature. The heating curve is the setting that the user can adjust and can interfere with the temperature of the boiler, but you cannot intervene directly. For example, you made the curve 2.0, this value can burn the boiler at 40 degrees at a certain outside temperature at a certain time, while it can burn at a different outside temperature at 35 degrees. The higher this curve, the higher the boiler temperature, but not linear. there is also tap water temperature.
As a 4 month old migo user, if you have a perfectionist personality stay away from this device. Get netatmo on off thermostat.
I will explain the problems with examples;
-If the air temperature is below 10 degrees, the migo application reaches the desired temperature if the outside temperature shows correctly.
-I don't know from which data provider it gets its outdoor temperature, but it gets 4-5 hours delay especially these days. The outside temperature appears to be 2-3 degrees in the noon migo, 14-15 degrees in all weather providers, the actual temperature is 16 degrees. At 20:00 on the same day, the outside temperature appears to be 11 degrees, but in reality at 2-3 degrees. As a result, the boiler burns 50 degrees unnecessarily high at noon. It burns the boiler at 39 degrees at 8 in the evening, but although it is 23.5 degrees inside, the temperature of the house decreases as time passes. It fell to 23, for example today.
-This migraine has learning time. It was every 15 days. now if the weather goes the same for 15 days, if there is no difference day and night, blah blah blah keeps it at the desired temperature. But let's say the weather is warmer or if the next day is sunny, then he can't warm the house. You wanted 23, burn the boiler at low temperature and the house travels around 21-22s. On the contrary, let's say the weather is going well, let's say migo learned. When the weather suddenly gets colder, it burns the boiler unnecessarily high. Normally it will be enough to burn the boiler at 40-45 degrees, but it burns in 60-65 degrees. Of course, it causes excessive natural gas consumption and the house rises above the desired temperature.
-There is no option to reset the cheerleader. customer services cannot respond. no so. If you want to reset the past and set it up again, there is no such option.

They say that as soon as you call demirdöküm customer service migo, we will open a registration and return. When you tell them to the returning person, they open a service record. It is not possible for the incoming service to understand. It would be a mistake to expect such a thing. distribute the boiler, he does it again, but he doesn't know anything about migo what the guys know.

Do not take it, do not mind, if you buy migo, replace the batteries directly. Those who live in the Mediterranean climate like me find their batteries drained at the end of the first summer.
Netatmo performans


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In order for vsmart to give a flat graph, the air in your settlement should be in a certain range for a long time. This will not work if the outside air is very variable. It will be between a certain temperature during the winter month. the sample is between 0-15, if it goes beyond that, the graph fluctuates
Just to round off this discussion, I thought it might be worth posting a couple of screenshots, showing how our heating system performed before and after replacement of the original vSmart system by our Vaillant "Controls Champion" Andy - our new hero, as it turns out!
The first (which I posted with my original post) shows how the boiler was working frantically to get the radiators really hot, resulting in unpleasant amounts of heat coming from them, and the temperature overshooting the set point by nearly a degree, with fluctuations in the temperature at the thermostat.

View attachment 178897

The second shows how the system is working now with the replacement vSmart. The boiler comes on more frequently, but maintains a much lower flow temperature, meaning the radiators only provide little more than background heat to keep the temperature almost perfectly constant throughout the day. This is exactly why we bought the vSmart, and it's great to see it finally working as it should. Hopefully it will help the boiler run more efficiently and last much longer (probably until the government tells us we all have to rip out our gas-fired heating and go electric...:rolleyes:).

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So do you changed your vsmart? Or only some parameters?
So do you changed your vsmart? Or only some parameters?
The technical guide at this link may be of interest

It seems that in some cases you may be unfortunate and get a dud vSmart, and no matter what you try it will always misbehave. So you may have to completely replace the vSmart to resolve that (free if still under warranty?).

Alternatively, you could consider using Vaillant SensoRoom wireless thermostat with the MyVaillant gateway, which is a newer product that can be app controlled and may not suffer from the same problems. Or you could perhaps switch to SensoHome with a external weather sensor, or SensoComfort which is supplied with an external weather sensor, but with those two you'd need to buy a Vaillant internet gateway to enable app-based control.

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