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16 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
I’ve had a Vaillant Ecotec pro 28 for about six years now. It was fitted with a VR 470f and an outside weather compensator. The outside sensor (VR20) unit has been playing up recently – the reading for the outside temp gets stuck and it very often defaults to 0 degrees. The problem with this is that the boiler will regularly fire up (frost protector) when there is no need. There doesn’t seem to be a way to switch frost protection off.

Anyway the cost of a new outside unit in close to £200 so I was wondering maybe I should forget about it and just buy the Vsmart instead. That costs about £170 and I will need to have an installer to connect it up. So more than the sensor but might be a better option. What do people think?
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Couple options. For almost the same price of the sensor you can get the full wireless control kit, the VRC700f which is the updated model of the 470f. Which you could pretty easily fit yourself as it doesnt require acccessing the internals of the boiler, and for pretty much the price of a sensor alone you have new wireless controls.

Or go for the Vsmart, the room stat its self has literally no features other than temp up or down, you have to do everything from the mobile app, but it does take outside temp readings from local weather station so no sensor to go wrong in future, but also a slight degree less accuracy as its not the exact temperature at your location.

Personally I'd opt for the VRC700f, if at a later date internet control appeals to you there is a VR920 expansion module you can purchase which gives the 700 internet conectivity also.

Have you removed the outdoor sensor and cleaned it yet? not uncommon for the little solar panel on it to get mucky and need a wipe to get it charging again
Thanks. I cleaned the sensor a while back. No joy. I then placed it directly in sunlight and it sprung back to life but died again. I hadn't considered the VRC700f so will have a think about it. Since my post I have had a Vaillant engineer around to fit the Vsmart. Unfortunately, he cannot do this as there is no ac socket nearby. So now I will have a think about your suggestion and also a Nest controller as this doesn't need to be wired to ac. How do you connect VRC700f?
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Had a look at the VRC 700f and I'm beginning to think that might be the best option. I presume you take out the receiver unit on the front of the boiler and just slot the new one in place? A really annoying feature of ecotec Pro boiler is the frost protection feature. There is no way to disable this feature without switching off the boiler. Really dumb. I took the batteries out of the room thermostat hoping that might work but no joy. Boiler fires up every few hours. What a pain.

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