Valliant Ecotec plus 831

15 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Please can somebody give some advice.
Ive recently had a new boiler fitted a valliant eco techplus 831, it was to
replace my old boiler a potterton which had a feeder and header tank and immersion heater. that was in my dining room.
The new boiler is fitted in my kitchen now , the problem is i my boiler heats up for hot water constantly with no hot taps turned on .What could be the problem? My old boiler and waterworks worked fine until this new boiler was put in.
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It is a "feature" Read the manual on how to turn it off.
Its called aqua comfort or something.
On my ecotec pro 28 you move the water temp dial to the right, green light goes on, set the temp, then move it to the left.
Try this, or do opposite.
I can't quite remember myself!
Hi and thanks for your reply, It's not that i already have it switched off(It's called warmstart that feature on mine )
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Just to be sure, to be sure, you don't have a hot water cylinder any more and the rads aren't getting hot, right??
No the radiators are all working fine, i don,t have a leaking tap anywhere
Not quite what I meant. Do the rads get hot when the boiler's on but the tap's not open?
The heat has to go somewhere!
No the radiators don,t get warm.
When the installer fitted the boiler , he said there is a problem somewhere as he can,t understand why the new boiler wasn,t feeding any water to the upstairs hot water taps and a sink in the downstairs w. c , he said he would investigate it after he had completed putting the boiler in. At the end of the job he rang his boss and they said it would be a week later when they could see to it.They never turned up no phonecall nothing.
So we are left with no hot water being fed to the taps mentioned, for 2 weeks now :cry: p.s there is a downstairs wheel type valve shut if opened the water feeds to all the hot taps upstairs and w.c but the boiler doesn,t turn off when all the warm water taps are closed.
have u tried ringing them ?have you paid in full

could be cross flow in shower mixer

but i wood fit a new pcb and charge you for it :evil:
Are you in a rented property and this was arranged by the Landlord?

Obviously something is wrong and a good quality installer would have sorted it out.

Landlords often use poor calibre installers !

Press them to sort it out for you! Try witholding rent for inconvenience and wasted phone calls!

No we are home owners and the company is corgi registered.
Alarm bells rang to me too when the fitter said he would have to send somebody the next day to have a investigate the problem as he had not got the time,and when we spoke to the company manager he said it would be a week later before they would have a man available to look at it and they wanted an extra £350 plus vat.
Don,t know what to do about it really, don,t know if we are liable for the costs to make it work right or them the company, the company said we are.
You have paid or might pay for a new boiler to be installed properly!

The installer has a responsibility to do that!

Write a firm letter pointing out that you engaged them to install the boiler and that its not working properly and they have kept you waiting for two weeks already and that they are obliged to fullfil their connittment without any further payments.

Where are you and whats the name of the firm involved? I would like to help you to get this sorted out properly!

Thankyou Tony for your reply.
I don,t want to give any details out as it's ongoing..
Are you a corgi reg. plumber , do you know what the problem could be.
Do you think i should get a corgi inspector out to have a look at the system to see if it has been fitted correctly.
p.s there is a downstairs wheel type valve shut if opened the water feeds to all the hot taps upstairs and w.c but the boiler doesn,t turn off when all the warm water taps are closed.
from that remark i would hazard a guess that they have capped the pipe in the wrong place or the water is flying up the vent into the tank,if you go into the roof space they should of removed the tank and capped the supplies to convert it to mains[equal pressures] have a look up there.

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