van problem

19 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
hi peeps

i have a 54 reg transit, flashing glowplug light showing.
RAC man plugged in and said EGR valve sticking.

I've read around and know about the options, egr blank and delete or new egr valve.

would appreciate any input/advice about which way to go. pros cons etc from personal experience.

I've spent a few quid on the van now, turbo, fuel pump, water pump , power steering pump, welding etc etc . I plan on keeping the van for a while now!

thanks. (y)
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If its fairly easy to access a good clean may correct the fault, i made a habit of cleaning mine out every oil change.(not a transit)
Most people choose to blank them off but on certain vehicles it will trigger the engine management light permanently.
A good google search will tell you if its viable to blank it.
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Thanks for the replies.
I took it out and cleaned it with carb cleaner and brass wire brush. It was pretty gunky tbh.
Put it back in. No more smoky exhaust and ticked over nicely, still no turbo tho and light still flashing.
Bought new EGR valve, fitted it, everything fine now.

Thanks for the input.