Vauxhall corsa 1999 amber control light comes on up hills

11 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom

My Vauxhall corsa 1999 is a good runner on flat road without much pressure, however up hills the amber control light comes on at various speeds and the acceleration cuts out unless I take my foot off the accelerator pedal and re-apply.

Another problem with the acceleration is say pushing the rev counter up in one continuous motion - I can get to 3000rpm then it stops accelerating briefly then goes to 3500rpm then stops again then 4000rpm, this is not on a hill and without the amber control light coming on. It feels sluggish and also like a mild misfire, however there is no problem with timing.

Also the first startup in the morning the auto-choke which causes the revs to be at 1300rpm - 1500rpm must be left to do it's thing and then drop down to 800-900rpm (idle level) before moving off or the car will not accelerate at all. If it does do this I pump the accelerator in anger then it suddenly rockets along the road like fuel has been totally starved beforehand, but there isn't much stink from flooding the engine with petrol.

It went into a garage today and the diagnostic machine said it needed a new oxygen filter, they fitted it and the light still came on and it was still jerky/sluggish.

The garage basically had no idea what to do as the filter made no difference so I went down the road to visit someone, came out to the car 20minutes later and the car wouldn't start at all. (I must add at this point that aside from the other problems this car always started).

So, I called out the garage who saw no faults on diagnostic and no engine problems at all. They jump started the car and it worked, when it started a throttle position error came up. The mechanic turned the car off and then started again normally and it worked fine, went round the street, came back and the throttle position error went off.

I have put a lot of text here and i'm sorry about that but if anyone can salvage anything I have said into a possible solution i'd appreciate it.

As an amateur my analysis is that I think the computer in the car is making it all up but of course there is a definate problem with acceleration.

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Right, These suffer bad from crank sensors, It is located above the O/S drive shaft near the gearbox. You would expect when these fail that it would just make the car cut out, but over the years i have had a few which are faulty make the engine run badly. Next thing these suffer with are the throttle pedal potentiometer (throttle pedal). There are no throttle cables on these any more it's just a an electrical switch connected to the accelerator pedal. i would get the crank sensor changed first as these are only about £20 from most motor factors.
try disconnecting the maf sensor and driving the car as these are common failures, if it performs ok with it disconnected its a sure sign its gone.
Did the garage fit a genuine lambda sensor or a cheap alternative?
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Thanks for your reply - I went to another mechanic who very quickly new what the problem was :D .

He said it was the CGI valve (I think thats the name) anyway the valve that removes non combustable gas from the engine.

This valve is either broken or more likely sticking and allowing various levels of waste gas back into the engine.

This problem may also not come up on the diagnostic machine and seems to be common on vauxhall corsas.