vauxhall vivaro

28 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
hi can any one help! i came out yesterday morning and my 2005 1.9cdti vivaro just wont start, it turns over fine but just wont fire up, ive changed the glow plugs, pre start unit and the glow plug relay and the bloody thing still wont start, has anyone had the same problem???
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I had the same problem on a 53 Plate Trafic Diesel , Good runner normally , went to go out one Morning , Tried to start it , Nothing , turned over , plenty of oomph in the Battery etc , but not a sign of firing up , Got the Rac out to put their lappy on , But they could`nt tace it , so they towed me to a Local Indpendant Renault Garage

Problem was found - there`s a sensor on the Crankshaft and Camshaft when one or both go down (open Circuit?) , they stop a message going from the ECU to the Pump , When working they sense that the Engine is turning over and the ECU sends a message to the Pump to send Fuel to the injectors and then the Motor "should" fire up !

Progress eh ???

Cost was about £50 for the Diagnostics then about 50 or 60 for each sensor (fitted)

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