Vivaro power loss

8 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
vauxhall vivaro van big power loss until about 2500 rpm and on hills or pulling away from standing start
the glow plug warning lamp comes on intermittently
When connected to a fault finding computer nothing showed up.

Anyone had this fault and can you help?
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i`m with neo, give the van a service, fuel air oil filters, because it sounds as if it`s a dog until the turbo cuts in, if this is a turbo, with most diesel`s these days they are, and with some tlc it will show you some love, show the van you love it.
Hi Thanks for answering not long had a servce, no melt filings in fuel filter,that made me happy!!!!!!!. discorted the plug for the air flow regulator on a hunch and it now flys don't know what this means maybe the air flow regulator isn't working or the computer going to play with it this weekend probly muck it right up
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i would hazard a guess if the van runs better with the air flow meter disconnected then there is your problem,dont know how many afm's can be tested in this way but know it can be done on some vw's
i have a 05 vivaro and it cuts out intermittently, took it to vauxhall to get it repaired and they found a group of 8 sensors that come up with fault as they are linked in a loop. other than that they dont know what to do with it.
i have since been told by an outside source that its to do with the fuel system and next time it cuts out to squeeze a balloon like valve and force fuel back into system witch is located on the left hand side of the engine.