vauxhall vivaro 1.9 Power Loss

30 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi, was driving along the M6 Down to London last night when i stopped off at rest point for an hour, once i went back on the move my van would not pull off at all, no power it would not rev past 2000, left it for about 10 mins then it was back on the move, then 2 hours later driving about 70 the coil light came on and i lost total power, had to pull in the hardshoulder where once again it would not rev past 2000.
What could be the problems please help, i just dont want it to cost me so much to repair!
Make vauxhall
Model vivaro
Engine size/Type 1.9
Year 2003
Mileage 85000
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will try and get a code reading after new year, cheers mate

now the van is grounded. will start but cuts off immediately, had my uncle have a look says it could be the fuel pump , no diesel getting to the engine,

any thougts please help!!
Look to the fuel cut off solenoid or your imobiliser (if fitted).

You could also try a gallon can of diesel straight from a can to the pump via a length of tube, if that works it will mean a blockage or a leak ( sucking air in ) in the fuel line from the tank to the pump.

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drain the fuel filter and see if that helps, may just be some water in the filter
Had the mechanic out to do a fault code test, came back with 4 faults

Mass Air flow meter
Mass Air flow sensor
Glow plugs
Fuel filter leak

He fix the leak but explained to me it would need replaced as it was a bodge job :confused: it had a hand pump connecting to the fuel filter when he gave it a squeeze it just gushed out deasil.

Needs to go into the garage tomorrow.
I take it this would cause the power loss at first and not the van not starting?
Is it an expensive fix?
ive never seen glow plugs show up on a fault code reader :eek:
Sort out the diesel leak problem and i reckon the others will disappear. My bet is it's sucking in air
That's least of your worrys, wait 'till the gearbox starts playing up.....
Will not rev past 2000k? Smoke from exhaust?

EGR VALVE. Theres a little disc that drops off the end of the valve. You dont get an EGR fault code as the valve electrics still work. All to often you get an air flow related fault code.

Valve is located to the rear right of the engine just where the air trunking joins the manifold. Pop the engine cover off, disconect the valve and remove the 3 10mm socket bolts. Remove the valve which may be stuck dur to carbon build up. If the disc is missing take a look in the hole it cam out off and fish it out. You can then refit the valve 180deg out and only one bolt will fit. Leave electric plug disconnected (you will still get an warning light on but dont worry) and the vehicle should run fine.

This is the part you may need

The split fuel primmer can be just bypassed with fuel pipe. Just dont run out of fuel!
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Will not rev past 2000k? Smoke from exhaust?

Was pretty spot on
I had noticed alot of smoke and asked a mate if his vivaro smoked like mine did, he said it could be normal but mine was chucking out blue smoke pretty badly

have had it repaired thanks all for help and info :)
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