VW Passat 56 Plate Diesel will not start!!!

8 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Dear All

Wire was driving the VW Passat 56 Plate Diesel, been serviced by VW in November last year. Car suddenly stopped dead whilst at Traffic Lights, car will not start.

AA Mechanic checked diesel and not petrol was mixed, said all was OK Diesel in the Car, checked electrics, ran diagnostic on computer no fault code. Car will not start and finally admitted defeat, believe either Injectors or Fuel Pump pressure switch? Does any one know or come across this fault before?
PS Night before Car had done a 220 Mile round trip on the Motorway no problems whatsoever!! Many thanks.
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Not familiar with this car but check if the fuel lift pump is working ( situated in the fuel tank). Turn ignition on and listen for the pump running for a few seconds. Had this with a Picasso but that showed "low fuel pressure" on fault codes.

Hi Jonnyfishing

AA Checked pump out and said it was running though could not tell if pressure switch was faulty if this helps!
I would have thought a pressure fault would have been logged if pressure switch was faulty. Try cracking the injector pipes and turn it over to see if you get fuel at the injectors. the A.A. guy did check that your timing belt was o.k. didn't he ?

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You possibly have the dreaded injector failure - you need VW diagnostics to confirm. try out the VWaudi forum
Worth checking is the crankshaft, and / or camshaft sensors, the ECU will not fire the injectors if crank position cannot be established.

Hi All

Yes it was the dreaded injector failure and a costly one at that at £800 inc VAT!!!!

Fair dues to VW who paid for the Part and if it had been in VW Garage would have paid upro 80% of the costs. Not bad considering car was out of warranty at the time.

Mnay thaks for all your replies.
You now need to go back to VW customers services and get all your money back and have all four injectors and the loom reaplaced for free.
you need to get all 4 changed as odds on the rest will follow.
id have taken it to the vw dealer as they are now replacing them all for next to nothing
VW will replace them for free and refund your previous bill - there may even be a 'recall' on it soon. Check out the VOSA site as well
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