Walpaper taken off the paint underneath

8 May 2012
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United Kingdom
I've taken off the wallpaper in my dining room and in patches the adhesive has pulled off some of the paint underneath. There was only a thin coat of magnolia onto the skimmed coat underneath the wallpaper.

How do I get a perfect finish on the walls as i'm going to paint them all? I was thinking of using a thin coat of Toupret over the affected areas and then sanding. Would simply sanding,
then undercoat be enough??
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That's got to be stabilised - zinnsser gardz perhaps. Then filled.
So long as there isn't too much glue you can use the Guardz after the filling.

Personally I would use lining paper (after filling), but that's me. Additionally I wouldn't bother with the Guardz BUT only because I would have sanded the whole wall first, and err, the lining paper requires glue.

Another alternative would be to wash the walls with an enzyme based wallpaper paste remover such as Zinsser's Dif


Guardz is a respected and proven product. I have never used Dif and thus cannot verify how effective it is. It is however cheaper, but messier.
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I'd forgotten about the glue residue:unsure: but I have used Dif to strip the whole of our bungalow - and yes, it is good. opps is a pro, I'm not;)
My sander gave up the ghost so i've got another one on the way today. I've already filled with toupret so i'm going to sand, fill, sand, seal and then paint. I'll let you know the results
I'd forgotten about the glue residue:unsure: but I have used Dif to strip the whole of our bungalow - and yes, it is good. opps is a pro, I'm not;)

Ahh, but I was once stoopid enough to put Diff into my Earlex Steam Master. When you boil it turns in to gloop. Took me ages to wash the machine out..
Ok. So with my new Makita sander I gave it a going over with 180 grit paper and filled in any imperfections with toupret. After this i sanded again and wiped down with a damp cloth. The surface seemed fine so I didn't seal, simply used a watered down coat of emulsion for the first coat. With a strip light I again filled any imperfections with toupret and used a 400 grit paper to sand off before finally using one more coat of emulsion. Being a fussy sod I have to say the finish is perfect and i'm quite surprised that I was able to sand / fill the imperfections that easily.

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