Washing Appliance Drainage

13 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom

I need to plumb in the drainage for a washing machine and dish washer. Problem is that they are integrated units and there isn't enough room at the back for the waste pipes.

There is a small 'cutout' of about 200mm high at the bottom of the back of the appliances for such pipes, but the outlet to my drain is higher than this. (about 250mm)

I am considering putting the hoses from each machine through my wall and emptying directly into the outside drain. I would essentially push the hose all the way through the waste pipe which only goes thru' the wall (and down to empty in the drain), up to about 25mm from the end.

What I would like to know is this - would this method drain ok or not? Is the height of the end of the hose an issue when draining like this? Are there likely to be any other considerations?

Thanks in anticipation of your help,



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Why wasn't provision made for drainage made prior to fitting of the appliances? :confused:

What you propose could result in flowback into your kitchen.

Suggest you take out and do properly. :D
Thanks for your reply.

The appliances are not yet fitted. The kitchen is empty.

I am trying to do the job properly - Thats why I am asking for advice. ;)

I am having to work with the existing hole I already have in the wall - I don't want to open any more holes in the wall. The problem is simply that the location of the existing hole in the wall is directly behind one of the appliances and that their isn't room to fit the traps through.

Thanks for your help any way. I think I have managed to re-route the waste pipes so that they are to one side of the appliance and at the correct height, so I don't think flowback will be a problem now.
You do need to have them flowing into a standpipe trap else you will have aromas coming back into your kitchen from the drain.

Please bear this in mind, and hope you get it sorted :D
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Sorted. :)

Thanks for your suggestions BAHCO.

I was able to move the existing waste pipes to one side so that they are no longer behind the applicance. All the pipes & traps are concealed behind a base unit.

Thanks again.

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