Washing machine blowing fuse

30 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a washing machine in a garage which has developed a problem. It seems to complete the whole wash programme but the next time it is needed it does not work until the fuse is replaced. Each time we want to use the machine the fuse needs replacing.... Is there a fault with the machine or is the cold and damp of the garage affecting the performance of the fuse? The RCD does not trip at any point.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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I guess you mean the fuse in the plug that is attached to the washing machine?
As Freddo says - Have you tested the fuses that you have taken out to confirm that it actually is the fuse that has failed, and not something else/
If the fuse does bolw consistently, that indicates a problem with the machine itself. You may get specific help if you post on the APPLIANCES forum, rather than the ELECTRICS forum, and reveal the make and model of the washing machine.
You can ask the mods to move this thread to APPLIANCES by hitting the REPORT button.
Hi, I will ask for this to moved to the appliance section as well but in answer to your question - I have checked the fuse by putting into an appliance which I know to be working but it does not then work with the fuse taken from the washing machine.
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My first port of call would be to check all the connections to the motor since it works through out the wash programme would suggest to me that once the spin cycle takes place - when maximum load occurs this may cause the fuse to blow. Maybe do a half load and see what happens too?
If it is the spin cycle that causes the fuse to blow would this happen at the start of the cycle; making the machine stop part way through the programme. The machine is completing the whole wash as normal with a new fuse.
Try finishing a normal programme, then do a spin without any clothes in it. If both programmes work ok yet it still needs the fuse replacing next time you use it then it would indeed suggest the environment (dampness in the garage )is causing the fuse to blow. As a precaution you might also want to check the motor brushes are not worn down & the heater element is not faulty, but I would usually have expected that if either of those were faulty the RCD would trip, assuming you are sure it is RCD protected.
Thanks, I will try that and double check the socket is RCD protected. If it is the environment I guess there is nothing I can do. Do you know of anywhere that has information about the operating conditions of domestic plug fuses? A bit geeky I know!
it would indeed suggest the environment (dampness in the garage )is causing the fuse to blow.
A 13amp fuse will take 13amps plus quite a bit more to actually blow it!
There is no way in this Earth that a damp environment will cause a 13A fuse to blow! A 30mA RCD may trip as the result of moisture, but not a 13A fuse.

So you can take that thought out of the equation. The machine is faulty, somewhere.
Thanks, but what I am trying to get my head round is the fact that the machine completely finishes a wash normally. Is it possible for the machine to blow the fuse when it is not in use?
Worn through wire connected to the door interlock flashing over when the interlock releases at the end of the cycle???
Thanks very much - that makes sense now - confirmation that there could be a fault right at the end of the washing cycle that is blowing the fuse. I will also try the other suggestions to see what happens. Not sure what I will do about it though as the machine is nearly 16 years old and given good service albeit with a few repairs along the way!
16 years is good going! If you buy a new one it won't last anywhere near as long. Out of interest, what is the make and model?!

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