Waste pipe from new garden office.

7 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm constricting a garden office and would appreciate a little advice on spec for a waste pipe from the installation to the nearest foul junction. The junction is on my property and about 20m from the location (straight line, no bends needed in the run).

There's a nice gentle incline down from the office. I'd say ground level is about 1-1.5m higher at the office to where the junction is.

I'm hoping to have a single toilet, hand-washing basin and small sink for washing up coffee mugs. Not expecting a massive load on the system.

So, questions:
- Pipe diameter? 110mm?
- Depth of pipe?
- Is the incline enough to allow for the drainage to work with just the pipe?
- Is it worth diverting part or all of the gutter drainage through this to help keep things flushed through and clean (roof area ~36sqm).

I'm hoping to avoid needing a macerator in the toilet.

Cheers all.[/b]
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