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27 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Water based paints.
All paint manufacturers dulux, crown, johnstones, and many others! are commited to reduce the volatile content of paints in particular oil or solvent based products, this has led to the upsurge and improvement in developement of water based paints, in particular gloss finishes, this is what is of most interest to me.
When using solvent based gloss the finish or glossiness is paramount people love a good shine on paintwork, it's hygenic easy to clean etc.
In the uk white gloss is pretty much nine times out of ten what people want, so to the point of this post. are any of the paint manufacturers any where near achieving this seemingly impossible feat? of producing a water based gloss paint that has the equivalent qualities of solvent based gloss, and in doing so all the benefits water based paints have.
1 Low odour.
2 Super fast drying times.
3 Ease of use.
has anyone, [in particular proffesionals] used a good water based gloss paint, and do they have any tips or tricks?.
thanks in advance.
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For example B&Q water based gloss - you need to use good brush and work fast otherwise you will leave brush marks coz the paint is drying really fast. Similar situation with other water based glosses. Is good idea if you need decorate house but the kids are there or any animals, but water based gloss is not that good as oil based.
Water-based gloss = Crap gloss...
Hopeless stuff, doesnt flow, leaves brushmarks, takes 3 times as long to apply & more coats :rolleyes:
Cant beat good old oil based. i will keep using it until it does get phased out and then ill stock up on it as it will be sold off cheap lol ;)
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i know what your saying i was hoping someone had found a good one, or at least the right combination of brushes , natural synthetic ive even tried artists pure bristle and just cant seem to get it right! :rolleyes:
how about a clear glaze similar to a varnish to put on top ! any other ideas?
Seriously instone, youll never achieve the finish youre after with any acrylic gloss.. A good trade liquid gloss - cant beat it ;)
im going to chuck my teddy out of the pram on this one!
i use permo oil based most of the time but customers are starting to ask for quick drying water based stuff ,because it dont stink and stays white longer but they are always dissapointed with the results :rolleyes:
it always looks like satinwood to me! ive even had to put oil based over the top of the stuff {it does make a very nice base for proper gloss by the way} thanks for the replies im still hoping someone has the answer, by the way how much gloss stockpile do you think i would need for say five years when its phased out ? :LOL:
Some of my customers insist on water-based for the same reasons ,I just tell them to get someone else to quote for the job as its not worth the hassle to me - just cant earn money using the stuff!
They'll never phase out oil-based so long as theres a market for it so dont panic mate ;)
Recently did a job where the customer supplied a water based gloss. Gave up on brushing it on and used a gloss roller which I then painted in with a synthetic brush. Worked tanfastic.

I always use a roller even for oil based on doors even panelled and then brush in with a brush. Can coat a door i(even panelled) n under half the time using a brush alone.
I'm agree with jonh. I'm doing exact same roller and brush for oil paints about water paints all what you need to get good finish is experience, good hand and good brushes
Roller wont work on architrave though..& a hundred years experience wont make acrylic gloss flow & level the way oil piant does...:cool:
I'm not saying is roller will be good for architrave. Read carefully. Roller can help you to paint faster flat ares for example on paneled doors.
The only good thing with waterbased is the drying time. The non yellowing issue is void as by the time oil based yellows the waterbased is scuffed and dirty. :LOL:

Dulux '2010 ready' is solvent based. ;)
jondecs, thats exactly what I try to tell them when I price-up,so then they try on the 'youre harming the enviroment with solvents' b*****ks :rolleyes: so I point out the bloody great Range rover/ Jeep on their drive ...Middle-class eco freaks... I dont need their money so bad that I'll use acrylic.. :evil:

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