Water not draining from bottom of Composite door frame

23 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Had 2 new doors fitted a few months ago and noticed water inside my kitchen below the door, the frame is full of water and not draining away, the thing is I cannot see where the water should be draining outside. I removed the water from the frame with some tubing and a large syringe. Just looking for any advice before I get the installers back, thanks for any help.
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that black slot you see in pic 1 is the drainage hole , and then it shoulddrain out between the frame andcill( the gap directly under the door frame, providing the ' concealed ' drainage holes sre there. to test , just run some water down the drain hole in pic 1 and it should be running out over the cill....you should be able to clearly see it
Thanks for the reply, there is no need to run water down the hole as it was full of water to start with and not draining away, can you confirm if that is the cill marked on photo, cheers.
Where the very point is of your arrow is where I would expect to see water coming out if the drainage system is working...could be those holes are blocked through ' swarf' ftom when the door was fitted, you could poke a straightened paperclip or the like down the holes to see. Other than that , if it's only a few months old , call the fitting company back out, you shouldn't have water backing up in those holes....
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Oh and to answer your question ( missed that bit ..oops!) The piece of upvc pertruding from the bottom of the door is the cill ( bulk of your arrow is on it ) ... looks like an 85mm/ stubb cill to me
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As Ronnie says really, generally frames with a cill have an exit hole for the water under the frame as in this pic, this is called concealed drainage as it's well.......concealed


The hole is drilled from underneath while the door is flat on a bench in the factory, it's impossible now that the door is fitted, sometimes the factory forget to drill these holes, they do the top one but forget to drill upwards, you then have to rely on an eagle eyed fitter who spots the missing holes and can quickly drill a few.

The only option you have now other than take the door out and drill them in is what's called 'face drained', it entails drilling a hole in the front of the frame as I' this pic........


This type of drainage is used when the frame sits directly on a concrete step or similar without a a PVC cill.

You need to ascertain whether they have drilled the concealed holes or not because otherwise it means your hollow frame is filling up with water as it has no means of escape, the fitters really need to come back to sort this
Cheers for the info guys I'll deal with the fitters in the new year.

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