Water Softener Advice/Regulations

15 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
I have a water softener installed in my property(this is a non electric 'M2Minimax).
I had this serviced recently where it came to light that all water even the outside tap, is supplied through the softener. We drink bottled water as we did not like the tap water taste.
I have contacted my water suppler (Anglian), who where very helpful & said there responsibility is to supply wholesome water to the property & they have no control beyond that , except to ensure that non return valves etc are there.
I have looked at the water regulations & cannot find anything.

Is it law or just advisable to have 'non softened' water at a tap.
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It is designed for drinking and classed as wholesome water. There is probably more sodium per litre in the bottled water that you buy. Some people on special medication (generally old people) are recommended not to drink softened water.

As for the outside tap, seems pointless but not a problem. Just means you will probably use more salt/brine in your softner. Just make sure there is a double check valve on the supply to the outside tap.

It is possible to mix the softened water with the incoming mains but you may need a plumber to do that who can also test the water hardness.
The problem I have is that it is a very very old property & the inlet supply is up through concrete & there is no room to work, without removing the floor mounted boiler & to move that the washing machine will need to be moved.
I don't know what the problem is that you are asking about.

If you use the outside tap to water the garden, with large amounts of water, then there will be an additional cost in the salt needed to regenerate the softener more often. It will however enable you to wash your car more clean and leave it more shiny.

If you drink two litres of softened water per day, you will consume about the same amount of additional sodium IN A MONTH as is contained in a teaspoonful of salt.
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JohnD, My issue is that I read old people are advised not to drink soften water (I am old, although what is old :confused: ).
Also it was the added cost in water garden & washing cars.
I have found the information that I was after, which is soften water is classed as 'wholesome.
I know there are certain medical conditions where patients could be seriousl harmed if they drink softened water.
If you have kidney failure or other disease and are on a low-sodium diet, so you cannot eat bread, ketchup, cornflakes or marmite, then it will make a difference.

There is more sodium in one burger than in a month of drinking softened water.

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