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18 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom

I am looking to get a water softener installed as my water is hard and there is too much scale on the taps. Have unvented pressurised heating system. Does anyone have any experience of the following softeners?

1) Culligan Waterside MC350 Ultra Hi-Flo Water Softener

The Monarch seems good as it has a very high flow rate.

Does anyone know roughly how much salt a softener will use on average?

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I understand that but just trying to get an idea of how much I will need to spend on salt in a year. Can anyone tell me from their experience how much salt a family of 5 will use a month? Should a 25kg bag last a month?
I don't know either of them.

But be sure to get one that meters the water used and drives the salt regeneration according to water used, automatically. Also get one with a good guarantee. If you do not buy it from a dealer who provides service, you will probably have to throw it away when it goes wrong. The cheap ones from DIY shed are like that.

Salt will cost you a few pounds a month. It might be a bit more than you save on washing powder, descaler and excessive amounts of cleaning products, but it is not a significant cost. When you first get it you will be amazed at how good the water feels. You will be able to chuck your towels in for their first soft wash with no washing powder, and they will foam up from the old soap powder residue trapped in them from previous hard washes (also soap deposits trapped inside the washer). they will also feel much softer and in future you will need far less powder. You will find it easier to shave and your family's hair and skin will be softer without needing conditioners and creams.

p.s. A bag might last you a month, it will depend on how many baths and long showers people use, and how often the washer is run. I will be surprised if you get through two bags in a month, though.
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i have used kinetico water softener for the past 9 odd years. we are 3 in the family and use salt blocks! monthly average cost is just under a fiver.
hope this info can help.remenber usage of salt is down to water usage and the cost of salt.My experience the advantages really outweigh the costs.

Has anybody had any experiance with kinetico water softners pls.good or bad, also how good the warranty back up service.
hi like i said used it for 9 years and no problems at all.Never needed to call for service to date.On the phone their response is A1 atleast when i rang.definately will replace same if mine ever stopped running.
hope this helps.
Hi, just reading this thread. I've been looking at these 2 models too.

Culligan Waterside MC350 Ultra Hi-Flo Water Softener


Which one did you decide on in the end, would you recommend it?

arh, go look at my 2nd post on this thread //www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=53106
3 years later I still stand by the product and my review of it. We have a 4 person, 4 bed house and 25kg lasts us a couple of months, but as said in the post; no need to put salt in dishwasher, reduce the amount of all your cleaning agents needed, etc , etc, so the outlay for its salt is more than offset by the other savings. This model takes any type of salt too, block, pellet, granule etc. One of the best things I have bought for the house.
Thank you bathjobby! Just read your thread. Just looking at their website now!

Always good to read reviews like yours. Thanks again.
I've got a Monarch Softener on my U/Vented, we have a hardnessof 450ppm which is pretty high!, make sure you get high flow hoses, these are availible as an extra accessory

Monarch are very helpfull if you ring them, and their aftersales is very good, they are a small company and give good value and service

When softener was installed there was a problem with it not re-generating properly
Factory Engineer arrived and sorted it within 24hrs Fantastic!!! ;)
Most helpful replies, I think I can cross off the Culligan Waterside model, read some bad reviews.

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