Water stain in bedroom ceiling

22 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, I had a slight roof leak whilst I've been away - fixed now - but it's left a brown water stain on my white ceiling and the girlfriend's nagging me to get it sorted! I've had a look on here and people say to use a primer / sealer prior to touching up the area.

I've seen that B&Q stock 3 in 1 Primer, Sealer & Undercoat by International, would this do the job to prevent the stain coming through? Also, I don't really want to have to paint the whole ceiling again as it's quite large so when I get my pot of white matt emulsion, is there anything I should do to it - dilute it etc?

Thanks in adavnce for your advice, it's really appreciated! Ta, Dave
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Use a bit of oil based primer or undercoat first. Then do as you suggest and thin the matt down a little.
You can of course buy an areosol of stain block, this is shellac based and white. Spray on and then emulsion over it once dry. The down side is that it stinks to high heaven.
Cheapest option is to do as Joe says, works just as well. ;)
Thanks very much! As I said, I've had a look at the local DIY shops - only two of them! - and all they have is this 3 in 1 primer, sealer and undercoat. Is this likely to be oil based? If it's not, do you think it'll be up to the job? Thanks once again!
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Ring International on 08447 709 444 :idea: I can`t find much info even on their web site :cry:
combined primer/undercoat is often the water-based acrylic one. quick and easy to use and adequate for woodwork indoors, but not what you need to block a stain.

It should say on the tin whether you thin it, and clean brushes, with water or with white sprit.
Hi again, I had a further look around town and I've got some Zinsser B-I-N as it's shellac based and is marketed to cover stains! Thanks again for all your advice!
Hi again, I've painted the stain with the B-I-N stuff and it's now gone, I've alos painted over that with two coats of white matt emulsion, which blends in with the ceiling perfectly. However, looking at certain angles I can see a slightly darker patch where the sealer went on - is this due to it being oil based covered by emulsion? Is there a way of getting around this? More coats of emulsion? Thanks agan for your advice!

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