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Water under flooring

Discussion in 'Building' started by b0ng0, 12 Oct 2021.

  1. b0ng0


    19 Sep 2011
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    United Kingdom
    I recently realized I can hear water sloshing around when I put pressure (IE walking) over the flooring near where the front porch meets the main house.

    House was built in 2015, floor is concrete base with layer of plywood then Amtico (decent quality sealed flooring) glued on top. The house floor level is several inches above street level.

    Can't see any signs of water damage or moisture anywhere but walking over this area sounds like a decent amount of water is under the floor (stuck between concrete and impermeable flooring). Central heating system is a closed loop and pressure looks normal so don't think it's come from any rads.

    Any ideas what could be a possible cause here? Because I've not idea how the water got there not sure what type of trade could help if I needed to go that route.

    My complete guess is that it's entering from the front during heavy rain or it's a leaking pipe (waste or mains) somehow filtering up through the concrete foundation but I feel like that is super unlikely.
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