What plant is this?

26 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi All

Could anyone tell me what the two palm tree like looking plants to the right of this picture are called? I have seen them in so many places and would love to be able to get it for my own front garden flower bed.

Thanks in advance

The two plants have a thin yellow border made around them

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you can easily propagate them by cutting pieces of the stem and pushing them into damp compost or garden soil.

they are often sold as a pot-plant but will put up with outdoor planting. Mine grew to 5 metres before I cut some of them down.

They are surprisingly tough and hardy.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you know how long they would take to grow to the level you see in the pic?
Just saw the pics! Yes exactly those
Any idea where I could get some of these?
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I should think mine put on a foot a year. They grow faster outside with plenty of sun and unrestricted roots.

When I cut mine, I offered the offcuts on Freegle. I usually plant them at as foot high. As houseplants they get unmanageable once they're six foot high.
I did a bit of Googling but mostly artificial ones are being sold online. Perhaps I need to go to the local nursery?

Also thanks for Freegle - learn something new everyday - didnt even know it existed!

I just looked and the ones that look like a snowy bush are now ten feet tall and now have trunks. The pictures were taken in April 2008

you might find them in houseplant shops. I would wait until the cold weather is over though as they will be tender if grown indoors.
yes, that looks like mine, but there are different varieties.

The leaves are quite tough, sharp on the sides and pointy at the end. You would need gloves or they could cut you. Small children might get hurt if they run into it.

Spines probably means thorns, mine don't have any.
Some yuccas are less hardy than others - the one you posted from eBay is generally sold as a houseplant which you could put outside during the summer but would be better indoors in the winter. Also I think that one isn't variegated (no yellow edges).

If you have an idea of how big you want it to grow what kind of spot you have for it, try searching here to get a variety name then Google for where to buy it:


From the picture you posted and your description, I'd guess you're looking for something like Yucca gloriosa 'Variegata'. It's worth looking in the garden sections of places like Homebase and B&Q as they often have this kind of architectural plant at decent prices but make sure you get the right variety. I just bought a couple of dwarf fan palms and I'm sure I saw some yuccas.
Thanks for the reply. I like the fan palms too!

I thought I was meant to avoid B&Q etc for plants as they wouldnt be expert enough but I guess I got that idea from years of builders telling me b&q is a useless place to go for real advice. I will check B&Q out though as its quite near me.

I have a whole L shaped front wall flower bed and really want to create an amazing contemporary front garden so need a lot of help!
You probably won't get much in the way of advice at B&Q but if you know what you want, they'll usually beat garden centre/nursery prices and the plants tend to turn over fast.

The RHS Plant Selector is a great tool for getting ideas - you select your growing conditions and then what you want from the plant - colour/season/scent/foliage etc. etc. and it will give you a list of suitable plants.

my yuccas flourish through snow, frost, ice, rain and drought..
Yes, I think most of them are pretty tough but one or two varieties like elephantipes are more housplant suitable. Yours look fantastic - I have plant envy!

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