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What sand for rendering

Discussion in 'Plastering and Rendering' started by markyyyyyy, 13 Dec 2020.

  1. markyyyyyy


    5 Dec 2012
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    United Kingdom
    I've decided that once I've put tanking slurry onto my internal wall, I want to use render to flatten the wall so that I can use foam adhesive.

    I was going to use board adhesive but will regret it if moisture comes through years down line.

    What sand should I use for the internal render? It's not a fi ished coat, just to flatten before boarding over.

    I've got a bag of yellow building sand, would that do?

    Do I add mortar plastickser to my 3:1 sand cement mix?

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  4. youll probably be better off rendering it first if your’e not a plasterer.
    rendering over tanking can be tricky as there’s little suction and it’ll want to fall off.
    sand cement lime.
    you can also use sbr waterproofer in the mix.
    jewson only do one type of building sand which is perfect.
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