What tool do i need to cut 18mm ply???

24 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
I know it sounds like a silly question but let me explain.....

I've fitted a new kitchen and i lay 18mm ply under the units (this was done so that after the new tiled floor was laid it would all be level). Unfortunatley the ply sticks out from the units a little too much and i need to cut them back whilst they're on the floor.

The original flooring (under the ply) is normal floorboards. The best i can think of at the moment it an angle grinder but sounds a bit OTT.

Jigsaw wouldn't work neither would circular saw and i'm not going to do it with a hand saw.

Any suggestions would be great.
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How come you can't take the ply up to cut it? Are you able to remove the units over the ply?

If you did, a circular saw (set to a few mm deeper than the ply) would do the job.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

It would be ideal to lift the kitchen but all the units are now fitted with the worktops on. It's a U shaped kitchen and with three large worktops it would be way too much work to take it all up.

I have a circular saw but the cut wont get close enough to the unit's legs to leave just enough space for the plinth to have the floor tiles going underneath them.

Apart from the cicular saw is there anything else that you can think of?
Daz - get an Arbortech Tuff Cut Blade (for Axminster.co.uk) to fit in an angle grinder; you should have enough space to get an AG under there. The blade costs about £30 and is designed for cutting wood; we use them all the time for trimming skirtings. Obvious safety precautions need to be taken!
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When you say your tiling the floor i take it your doing a floor prep. Take it that you have a wooden subfloor. Would there be a problem over boarding the subfloor with the same thickness board? Guess if its floorboards you wont be taken them up to replace with plywood as kitchen on top so you will have to over board with thick plywood anyway.

EDIT .... sorry just read you do have floorboards as subfloor. ( no need for me to guess) May i suggest you read gcol's sticky in the tiling forum about subfloor prep on wooden subfloor. ( I haven't checked but im sure he has covered this area)
Thanks Symptoms this sounds like what im looking for, ill have a look at the website and may purchase.

Mattysupra, thanks for the advice. I purposely laid the 18mm ply so that when the tiles are laid they are at the same level. I have been advised by the tiler i am paying to do the work that he is going to lay 6mm ply and lay the tiles on this.

Thanks once again

um i would be tempted to question your tilers actions. I lay flexible tiles onto 6mm plywood not brittle tiles. Give a little post in the tiling forum with what you have been advised by your tiler and see what the lads/girls over there think. End of the day im not a hard tiler but i would never recommend this.
Maybe I'm reading this wrong , but why don't you simply lay the same thickness of ply on the floor as under the units.
That way it will be level throughout and your tiler will tile up to the units legs and you then fit skirtings.
Only slight downside you may have to cut down any doors because of increased floor level.
But that is easier than what you propose
yeah you have read it slightly wrong...or maybe i havnt explained properly.

I raised the floor under the cabinets so that after the tiles had been laid they would be level with the floor under the units....that way when im pulling out the washing machine or dishwasher there wont be a step up onto the tiles. Thats the theory anyway.

Thanks again to Symptoms....i bought the power toll you reccommended today and should be turning up tomorrow. ill let you know how it goes.

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