what tool for large accurate rip cuts?

1 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
I need to cut precise 15mm thick slots upwards from the end of a load of posts, rip cuts with the grain across the diameter - to insert steel plates for footings

These are large posts, 300mm in diameter and 5 to 7 metres long.
There are around 40 slots needed and they all need to be square and accurate to plane, but there is a few mil tolerance for cut width.

What would you use to cut these slots?

if there were only a couple I'd cut them by hand, but the numbers imply machinery.
suggestions have ranged from chainsaw (doubts about accuracy), alligator saw (doubts about cut width making two parrallel cuts tricky), and even setting up an industrial bandsaw with a sliding bed.

Has anyone here done this before? Perhaps to set column foot brackets.
How would you do it?
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They'll have to go back to the wood yard, they have huge band saws. Someone should get their butt kicked for not ordering them as a finished article. There's no way you'll get accuracy from a handheld device.

It's not gonna be cheap, but I guess you know that.
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The only things I can think of apart from a big fixed bandsaw which might do the job is a WoodMizer, which is basically a big portable bandsaw, or a chainsaw mill. I've seen both, but not used either. They are both really intended for conversion of tree trunks into boards, so you'd need to speak to someone with experience to know if these would do what you want.
Whats wrong with coach screwing something to the end?

Why do plates have to be inserted? What kind of plates are they?

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