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25 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom

I've had double glazing quotes from longstanding local suppliers each using different profiles - Liniar, Spectus, Deceuninck and Profile 22. From what I've read here, these are all much of a muchness and it'll be down to the quality of fitting. So on to the glazing...

The house is on a hill and in the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, it really warms up the front rooms of the house, which I like because I don't need to put the heating on until late afternoon. However it has faded the furniture which I don't like. Is there a solution that captures the heat and repels the UV?

The Deceuninck supplier specified Diamant throughout, the Profile 22 just say A rated, Spectus is annealed, and having mentioned it only to the Liniar supplier, they've quoted for Low E.

I've since read that in direct sunlight Low E glass can look grey. The front windows are approximately 2400 wide so would it be noticeable? And should the glazing at the front of the house be different to the back, which gets no sun?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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You are unlikely to notice the grey of low e glass if they use Planithem ( which is the low e glass) Any a rated frame should have Diamant glass.. ever seen glass stacked up ? It looks green, diamnat is optically clear , removing that green tint ( which is Iron,, hence you'll see Diamant referred to as Low Iron glass ) . By removing the Iron you get a greater heat transfer from sunlight, increasing what is known a the G value. Lots of confusion here due to terminology

Annealed glass - non safety glass
Tough/laminate glasses - safety glass
LOW E glass - Likes of Planitherm and Pilkington K ( most use Planitherm soft coat these days )
Diamant - Low Iron glass - optically clear
Argon gas - heat retention glass
Ali spacer bar - bitvthat separates the glass and normally shiny silver
Warm edge spacer - plastic so no heat transference- usually black

Minimum requirement for replacement PVc
Annealed glass/ aluminium spacer +Argon Gas / low e glass

Sealed unit in A rated window

Diamant glass/ warm edge spacer bar + Argon gas / Low e glass

Annealed glass will be used every where except for doors , where the glass falls under 800mm from the finished floor ( inside or out ) , within 300mm of a doorway and any ' critical location ' ( which is open to debate but personally I would recommend safety glass , at bottom of stairs, windows near enough to baths and showers where you could slip in said bath/shower and impact the glass
Oh I should add there is a glass specifically designed to take UV rays out but I will.admit it is NOT cheap!
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Thanks for that comprehensive reply, that's helpful to everyone! Sorry I didn't acknowledge it sooner, I didn't get a notification until I logged back in.

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