Whirlpool AWZ410S Washing Machine Overflowing

25 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom

I have a Whirlpool AWZ410S combo Washer/Dryer. Earlier this week it overfilled and flooded the kitchen and lounge :(

I have done a bit of googling and found some general stuff, including some other posts on this forum here


So here's what I've done. I turned off the machine, and checked for water coming in. None, so the valve is presumably fine. It's cold water only. I removed the tube to the pressure switch and tried blowing down it. Free flow, so it doesn't seem blocked. Just to be sure, I turned the machine on and blew into the pressure switch, it clicked (twice) but the filling did not stop. I tried a couple of times. So I replaced the pressure switch with a new one this morning. The machine still won't stop filling. Just to be crazy, I took a wire attached to one of the the pressure switch contacts which I knew was live (discovered accidentally and painfully during earlier investigations) and tried to bypass the switch by connecting it to each other contact in turn. There are three leads going in to the four contact pressure switch, a red lead, a grey lead (the live one), and a black lead. Touching the grey lead directly to the red produced a spark but did not stop the machine from filling. Touching it to the black lead had no effect.

At this point I'm thinking that either the PCB is gone (AGAIN, I hate Whirlpools), or that somehow the wiring on either the red or the black lead is gone. I don't know how to test either one, and I'm open to other ideas.

edit: It occurs to me the I should mention it's NOT overflowing from powder drawer, but it starts to overflow at about 2/3rds level as seen through the glass. The water comes out from underneath, but I haven't been able to identify exactly where it's coming from yet...

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Be careful shorting out connections...you can easily pop your pcb (if it hasn't popped already). Check for a leak on the pressure chamber or a holed pressure switch hose.
No leaks that I could find, nor blockages. Either way, is this even likely to be the problem, considering that I tried blowing into the pressure switch directly, and heard the click whilst it was filling, with no effect. That surely means the problem is electric?
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A holed pressure hose will certainly cause the machine to overfill & leak. If you found no hole & think the pressostat is in order then it is likely your pcb has popped.

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