Whirlpool bath problems

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    I have some problems with this bath – think they’re called Whirlpools or something? Anyway… first thing is, when I ease my vast bulk into it, and the water level rises to the overflow (only tried once – thankfully I normally shower), it appears to overflow onto the floor underneath, which fortunately is tiled, and swooshes straight out under the side of the tub. I assume a pipe has got disconnected or something behind the kind of knob thing which opens the plughole.

    Second problem, the on/off switch doesn't work – when you push it right down, nothing happens. Fortunately, it seems to be stuck permanently on, so I can just pop round to where it’s plugged in in the room next door, and switch it on and off at the wall socket. But I’d prefer to fix or replace the switch.

    I can’t see any way of detaching the side of the bath to get underneath. My cousin, who’s a builder, was over on a brief visit, and said he thought it would be attached by clips, I think where I’ve arrowed, but that in his experience they would be all rusted, and likely fall to pieces – judging by the amount of silicone the previous owner’s put along that join, he’s probably right.

    So my questions please:

    1. If he’s right about the clips, can you buy them?

    2. I cannot get the on/off switch out – are they removable/replaceable?

    3. Is the overflow pipe likely to be a fairly standard fitting, easy to replace?

    As always, thanks a lot :D

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    1 Probably, but be prepared to improvise. Timber uprights and screws with plastic caps.

    2 The switch is likely to be pneumatic. Possibly a tube has fallen off, in which case you may need to source new tubes and switch that you can fit on the accessible side of the bath.

    3 Yes. Could just need tightening or was never fitted correctly.
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